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Ballracing Velocity MK1 – Video

Ballracing Velocity MK1 – Video

Ballracing Developments is specialised in motorsport simulators and below is their new Velocity MK1 motion platform simulator in action.

Located in Macau, the simulator is basicly a Formula One car on a moving platform, what sound’s impressive looks every bit as interesting as you can see below.

[youtube zkEVXRXsF0k nolink]

  • hypertek

    thats cool.. id think it could be better.. in front of a projection screen *cheaper then 3 monitors* because with the monitors, it seems like they are looking up at them, instead of looking out front at a horizon

  • F1Racer

    He’s spinning every few seconds because its probably disorienting having it shake around like that. I dunno if Im wow’ed by it.
    WhatIm wondering is despite his apparent size, was he stood up in that cockpit ?:)

  • ermax18

    It seems to me like the tilt method would emulate g-forces better. This thing can only create Gs by rapidly moving from one end to the other but it will run out of track to soon and no longer be able to emulate Gs. It doesn’t even look like it moves fast enough to emulate much force. A combination of a tilt system for Gs and this system for jolts would be cool. I can’t imagine the price tag on this thing. Hahaha.

  • idlejimbo

    Meh. Looks a bit feeble. It needs rams, surely. They’ve gone to a lot of trouble to simulate, well, nothing at all really.
    The Force Dynamics rig looks a lot more exciting. At least it smiulates bumps and juddering…

  • ADC David

    They go to all that trouble and leave the animated steering wheel turned on. The little guy was funny though 😀