Bahrain for rFactor 2 – New Previews

McNolo has released new previews of his Bahrain track for rFactor 2, showing off some newly added features to the venue.

The previews show of some great looking road textures and other cool details adding to the track atmosphere such as photographers in the pit lane.

Designed by Herman Tilke, Bahrain International is 5.4 kilometer track that has hosted the first ever Formula One Grand Prix in the Middle East, it has been a F1 venue since 2004.

The GP layout includes 15 turns and three high-speed straights. Besides Formula One, the track has hosted the FIA GT, Australian V8 Supercars as well as its own 24 hour race in 2006.

  • GamerMuscle

    Some of these community tracks are really well done , very high quality work.

    Unfortunately RF2 seems to run like a dog and unless you play RF2 on max or near max settings with 3+AA then it tends to look very dated and does not do justice to the work these track builders put in.

    I would think though most gamers/sim racers will be looking to get a GTX 760 -770 within the next year or so and that should run RF2 with i5-2500k or above at 80+ FPS with good settings.

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