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Bahrain for rFactor 2 – First Preview

CTDP has given McNolo official permission to bring their famous Bahrain track from rFactor to rFactor 2.

CTDP has given McNolo official permission to bring their famous Bahrain track from rFactor  to rFactor 2.

Now, a first preview of the Formula One venue in rFactor 2 has been released as McNolo is making good progress on the conversion work.

Designed by Herman Tilke, Bahrain International is 5.4 kilometer track that has hosted the first ever Formula One Grand Prix in the Middle East, it has been a F1 venue since 2004.

The GP layout includes 15 turns and three high-speed straights. Besides Formula One, the track has hosted the FIA GT, Australian V8 Supercars as well as its own 24 hour race in 2006.

  • Humberto Roca

    I Dont wanna be a pessimist but ISI is getting left behind by other sims in terms of graphics, I was really hoping rF2 would be an outstanding sim but when you play it still feels incomplete and I dont know If its just me but it doesnt deliver satisfaction when playing it. Hope they get better and dont screw it up..

    • Anonymous

      I totally disagree. While rF2 maybe lacking on the graphicsside of simracing it is the farmost best sim if you look at FFB, tirephysics and trackprogession. I race al the sims from pCars to iRacing so I can do a good comparison. Driven real racecars also. Like I said in a earlier post a couple of weeks ago. Every sim of this moment has his strenght and weakness.

      Strenght: Best online racesupport
      Weakness: Tirephysics and immersion

      Strenght: Graphics
      Weakness: Overall physics

      Strenght: Tire- and trackphysics. FFB.
      Weakness: Graphics

      Strenght: Physics and immersion
      Weakness: old but not bad engine

      • Humberto Roca

        I agree with you, but I never said anything about physics I just said that graphics were bad and the sim still felt incomplete. FFB is great there is no doubt about that and I have also tried all other games and raced in real cars but I still have to stay with rF1 and iRacing because Pcars just feels like an upgraded SHIFT. GSC is awesome for the price but like I said, its obvious that rF2 will get better but in the mean time I prefer iRacing and rF1.

  • Daniel S.

    It’s not the first preview. Just the first you noticed.
    See video 3 months ago:

  • John

    They need to put in the black smoke in the background from the burning tires. They did get the empty stands right though.