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Automobilista Update 1.4.93 Now Available

Hot on the heels of last week’s patch comes another update for Automobilista as Reiza Studios fix various little niggles with their title.


  • Fixed occasional CTD when crossing SF line on the first lap out of the pits online
  • Fixed various Sound issues potentially causing CTDs and possibly server lag
  • Fixed AMS Config resetting audio configuration
  • Restored pre 1.4.9 replay compatibility, (1.4.9 -> 1.4.92 replays will not work though)
  • Fixed major lag & potential CTD when someone joins a server when there are AI present
  • Fixed an issue where the finish session button would not work in the last few minutes of a session when player has set a time.
  • AI logic tweak to bring it more in line to overtaking behavior pre v1.4.9
  • Updated morning lighting values
  • Oulton: Fixed terrain hole inside pit lane exit
  • TC Classics: fixed window material name on Uno; fixed rear suspension modeling on Fusca

IMPORTANT: Audio configuration has been reset to STEREO SPEAKERS to address a configuration issue – if you have another audio configuration please run AMS Config and review the setting accordingly.

The new Automobilista Patch can now be downloaded via Steam update. Sim racers who don’t own Automobilista yet can buy the title on Steam here.

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