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Automobilista 2 Update V0.9.5.1 – Out Now

Reiza Studios have released the weekly update for the Automobilista 2 Early Access title, further continuing their work on the force feedback, physics and user interface fronts.

More news on upcoming content for the title will be shared in a development update tomorrow!

Automobilista is available on Steam the Early Access version will be available for 20% off until the 1.0 version release.

Automobilista 2 Update V0.9.5.1 Changelog


  • Fixed spectator leaderboard position text always being forced to wrong colour.
  • Applied HUD style leaderboard to Replay/Monitor Screens
  • Fixed disabled ‘View Replay’ button displaying instead of ‘Save Replay’ button in MP session results screen
  • Fixed Time Trial Pause Menu leaderboard not displaying correctly
  • Added identification for dedicated servers in browser list
  • Multiplayer sessions now default to cockpit view in race session countdown (to avoid bug leading to players beign stuck in TV cam)
  • Fixed Monitor camera switcher not working after changing cars


  • Steering rack damping no longer passes through Low Force Boost setting (more consistent damping)
  • Fixed error in parking force script
  • Adjusted locktstop strength
  • Fixed issue with recently added FFB filter occasionally behaving unpredictably
  • Fine-tuned all car-specific max force & smoothing levels to suit latest FFB system revisions, bug fixes as well as latest tyre physics developments


  • Revised tyre tread physics for Opalas, F-Vee, F-V12, F-V10, Caterhams, ARC Camaro, Super V8
  • Slight adjustments to all wet tyre compounds
  • Increased carcass load stiffness for incremental tyre pressure adjustments in F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, Caterhams, ARC Camaro, Super V8
  • Fixed bug causing downshift protection system not to work properly
  • Adjusted shift tolerances for semiauto boxes (to avoid neutral – 1st gear not engaging in high revs)
  • Enabled antistall for cars with modern semi-automatic boxes & karts with torque converters / centrifugal clutches
  • Revised engine inertia for V8, V6 engines
  • Reduced default steering lock for light formula cars, prototypes & Super V8
  • AJR: Revised rear wing aero efficiency
  • MCR 2000: Revised rear wing aero efficiency
  • F-Ultimate: revised front suspension damper rates, diffuser yaw sensitivity
  • Stiffer default front ARB for P1 prototypes, F-Vee, F-Reiza
  • F-Vee: fixed front left rebound damper range
  • Hotcars: Increased engine output slightly; Adjusted track width, height offset, default roll bar setting
  • F-Reiza: Adjusted diffuser center of pressure, default caster setting
  • F-Classic Gen1&2: revised aero balance
  • Superkart: Adjusted default tyre pressure & ride height
  • Ultima GTR Road: Adjusted default differential settings, front ARB, CoG height & tyre load stiffness
  • Fixed bug causing downshift protection system to not work properly in sequential cars that should feature it
  • Adjusted Ultima GTR Street default differential, front ARB, CoG height & tyre load stiffness
  • Adjusted MIT Lancer roll bar stiffness


  • Further callibration of AI performance & rolling resistance for all cars
  • Improved AI pitlane manoeuvrability
  • Reduced Aggression scalar & brake performance for classic cars, club cars, GT & prototypes
  • Fixed AI tendency to oscillate steering erratically running down longer straights
  • Fixed Roco P3 excessive AI straight speed
  • Reduced thresholds for AI to attempt overtaking in improbable circunstances
  • Further reduced AI aggression scalars & brake power
  • Further reduced AI overtaking boost under braking


  • F-V10: Adjusted Traction Control sounds
  • Sigma P1: revised engine sounds, engine / turbo / blowoff volume balanced


  • Updated Livetrack racing groove shader to become more visible as track rubbers up


  • Further revisions to visual brake glow ranges
  • F-Reiza: Revised liveries & added different carbon materials, stickers and logos, t-cam colour, spec map for all cars
  • F-Trainer: Added suspension animation (external)
  • F-Trainer: New liveries/updates/redesign 01# #02 #03 #04 #05 #06 #07 #08 #09 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #25 #26 #33

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