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Automobilista 2 – Update Out Now

Reiza Studios have released the next update for their ever-improving Automobilista 2 title, introducing the update.

In terms of content, the update introduces the iconic McLaren MP4/12 Formula One car of the 1997 Formula One season and its genius (and potentially illegal) second brake pedal system, the workings of which are explained thoroughly in the following video:

Furthermore, the new update also comes with new Silverstone layouts and plenty of other improvements on all fronts as listed below.

Along with the update, Reiza has also added two new content packs to the Automobilista 2 Steam page, including a track pack that will include five DLC tracks (the already released Hockenheim & Silverstone as well as the upcoming Spa, Nürburgring and TBA releases) as well as a pack that includes both Automobilista 2 and its predecessor for 25% off.



  • Added Mclaren MP4/12 to F-V10 Gen1 series
  • Added Silverstone 1975 “No Chicane” layout (part of Silverstone Pack DLC )
  • Added Silverstone 2001 National & International layouts (part of Silverstone Pack DLC )
  • Added Silverstone 2020 National & International layouts (part of Silverstone Pack DLC )


  • Added support for “extra brake” device on Mclaren MP4/12 (shared with hand brake command)
  • Potential fix for a CTD when returning to lobby after a Multiplayer race
  • Fixed bug causing starting grid being sorted by class when transitioning from scoring sessions (Q/R).
  • Fixed time penalties when a driver fails to or cannot serve a drive through on the last lap
  • Increased tolerance parameters for track limit violations from going over grass / gravel and after contact with another car
  • Increased pit speed limit violation tolerance before instant DQ from 60 to 100km/h


  • Added art pass to Replay / Monitor screens, reducing overall size of controls, updating assets/colors of splits unit to improve readability, uses driver display name in splits unit for both, and ‘in pit’ marker to Replay splits unit
  • Added toggleable full leaderboard to monitor screen (also available to MP spectators)
  • Added message to MP session end leaderboard screen when waiting for host
  • Added more compact controls bar to replay screen UI
  • Initial updades to Championship UI design
  • Temporarily disabled time acceleration mid-session (may trigger physics issues) until such are resolved


  • Fixed FFB Caster deflection calculation
  • Re-enabled FFB scrub effect
  • Adjustments to default FFB profile (rack force split to low-mid-high, scaling them differently, curbs slightly enhanced among other minor changes)
  • Reduced adhesive friction speed sensitivity for Stock V8, GTs, Prototypes, Super V8
  • Minor tyre tread adjustments for Ultima GTR Road, Camaro SS, F-Classic Gen3
  • Adjusted Weight distribution, Aero center of pressure, adhesive friction for all F-Retro series cars
  • Slightly adjusted Stock2020 center of gravity height (both models)
  • Globally reduced aerodynamic effects from drafting & turbulence
  • Enabled slight collision pitch & roll damping (aiminig to minimise issues with over-the-top collisions)
  • Adjusted physics tick rate in attempt to minimise sync errors in Multiplayer
  • Added minor friction & preload to open differentials (Opalas, F-Trainer, F-vee Pumas, Fuscas, MCRS200, FWD Classics)
  • Rectified several incorrect, unoptimal or conflicting differential configurations & ranges still available from setup screen 
  • Fixed viscous diff incorrectly disabled for F-Ultimate
  • Balance of performance revision for P4 class
  • Added viscous differential to Ultima GTR Road
  • Fixed V12 engine bug in F-Retro / F-Vintage causing car to break in aggressive downshifts


  • Improved AI performance in pack (both better pace & less incidents)
  • Fixed AI performance in practice / quali being slower than race (minor callibration still required)
  • AI race performance callibration pass for various classes


  • Fixed audio gear wobble
  • Added triggers to support audio engine splutter on downshifts
  • Fixed Stock Car Corolla referencing wrong sounds
  • Revised positional audio (engine sound movement when looking left-right) for all cars


  • Silverstone 1991: added missing physical tyre barriers, smoothed segments of curb steps vs surrounding terrain to minimise chances of cars launching over it; added missing start light gantry; Added dynamic brake markers; corrected Goodyear advertising to be period accurate
  • Silverstone 2001: added start light gantry
  • Silverstone 2020: minor art pass, added missing brake markers
  • Santa Cruz: Moved start trigger to solve missing first lap for grid slot 1; recallibrated brake marker spacing, added missing dynamic brake markers
  • Spielberg Historic: Major art pass (WIP)
  • Spielberg: repositioned pit box and redid pit lane (reducing lateral separation); attempted fix for some AI cars from hitting pit wall when laving pit box.
  • Added new crane models to various tracks
  • Added TV cranes & camera men to several tracks
  • Kansai West: fixed timing bug
  • Kyalami Historic: Fixed timing bug, moved grid positions back 1 row, delete unused grid line markings; Moved start trigger and start line forward 5m in line with marshal hut
  • Brands GP/ Indy: timing bug fix


  • Adjusted driver animations for Brabham BT26A
  • Adjusted driver animations for Ultma GTR Race
  • Adjusted Ultima race driver gear shift animation
  • F-Vintage (all models) – Added dynamic redline needle
  • Added F301 & F309 driver & suspension animations

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