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Automobilista 2 – Update Released

Reize Studios have released the next update for their Automobilista 2 title that hit version 1.0 earlier this month.

The new update adds real driver names to the 2020 Stock Car series as well as plenty of other car & track related fixes as listed below.

Automobilista 2 Changelog

  • Added real driver names to Stock Car 2020 series & fictional names to ARC Camaro series (all series will feature dedicated driver names and AI personalities by the next update)
  • Bathurst: Adjusted track, curbing and wall geometry in several places: elevation at The Cutting, curb height at Quarry, curb width & angle at McPhillamy Park, walls at Forrest’s Elbow, curb width at The Chase and curb height at Murray’s corner; tweaked foliage placement & types; added more details to the roads & environment; added crowds; added several buildings; added distant villages; finished power lines & night lighting; adjusted livegrass placement; adjusted shadows and optimization; added hires adverts textures; Fixed wrong normals on 150m board
  • Recalibrated brake marker spacing at Goiania, Cascavel, Guapore
  • Corrected object orientation and reset pivot on dynamic brake marker objects. at Velopark, Interlagos, Campo Grande
  • Super V8: corrected RPM display range
  • Sprintrace, Corolla, Stock Car 2019, Copa Uno: Fixed stickers flickiring and interior LOD issues
  • Added wiper animations to Copa Uno & Uno Copa Classic B
  • Corrected windshield wiping animation for MIT Lancer R & RS, Stock Car 2019, Copa Montana, Metalmoro AJR, Sigma P1, Opala 1979, 1986 & Old Stock
  • Fixed Goiania layout for first round of Stock Car 2020 championship
  • Added missing Stock Car Push-To-Pass functionality (not allowed in 1st lap, 5s delay between button pressing & activation) to Copa Montana, Stock Car 2019 & Stock Car 2020
  • Stiffened front tyre sidewalls for F-Reiza, F-Ultimate,Stock Car, Ultima GTR (Road & Race), Copa Truck, F3, F-Trainer, Sprint Race, Montana, Caterhams & all Prototype classes
  • Removed medium tyre compound option for StockCar 2020 (only hards available now as per 2020 rules)
  • Lowered default diff preload & viscous lock settings (requires setup reset to take effect)
  • Minor AI callibration to Stock2020, F-Retro, G55 series

Automobilista 2 is available on Steam here.

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