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Automobilista 2 – New GT1 Previews

Reiza Studios have released new previews of a major new addition coming up to their Automobilista 2 title – The legendary 90s GT1 class.

Automobilista 2 will feature three of the most iconic cars of this era that saw GT1 car machinery become the top class at the Le Mans 24 Hours and the FIA GT championship, including the Porsche 911 GT1, the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR and the McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail.

Fans of the ultra-rare Gordon Murray-designed McLaren F1 will be getting an extra dose of awesome as Reiza will also bring the F1 GTR LM road car to AMS 2 and to celebrate the occasion, the title’s road car tire physics will be upgraded to suit this 671hp beast.

While the GT1 cars are currently in beta testing, Reiza has also been hard at work improving some of Automobilista 2’s core functionality, including:

The User Interface has received a very nice cosmetic facelift and all background screens are now available in up to 4K resolution.

We have implemented some much-requested quality-of-life features such as options to customize camera position and FFB Gain per vehicle.

While there has been no further developments to the Camera System in this update, we have revised a lot of our content to address issues with track surfaces and / or car suspension when these were contributing to an excessive amount of oscillations in cockpit view; while it remains important to tune your camera options to your personal preferences and some track / car combos make for inherently bumpy rides, we expect issues on the content side of things to have been greatly minimised.

AI Development has continued to be one of our top priorities, with a lot of AI performance callibration passes in parallel to the ongoing physics revisions, along with some further AI behavior code developments. We are now looking into the AI behavior under blue flags to improve their ability navigating traffic in multiclass races, most improvements will probably only make it in for our next update late in January but some early developments may possibly arrive already on this release.

On the Multiplayer front, we have made some valuable adjustments to the netcode in order to improve reliability in close racing, with Multiplayer tests in AMS2 Beta so far seeming to confirm good gains have been made.

Championship Mode will receive a big boost with several new championships being included in the next update both for the real and fictional series included in the game.

The Custom Championship tool which had been planned as one of the highlights of this update unfortunately won´t quite make it in time for this release – even though the structure for users to create and configure their own championshp seasons is mostly in place, it still needs a few more weeks of work for all customization options to be supported and for the feature to be fully tested – thus we´re opting to keep working on it a bit longer to include it a more feature-complete version next month.

The Custom Livery system has received some further tweaks and a complete template package for all cars in the game will finally be available in time for the update deployment.

Last but not least, we have some very cool developments coming up to further boost the value of the superb Weather System in the Madness engine – the first of these featured in our next update is a more accurate probability system when running Random weather in a session, which ensures weather variations are more realistic to the climate of the track´s location – this allows for setting up races with unscripted weather, without the risk of running into unlikely weather variations.

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