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Automobilista 2 – Hotfix Released

Following last weekend’s major release of the Hockenheim DLC and the 1.0.1 update, Reiza Studios have released another update to address a few issues in their non-stop quest to improve their title.

You can find the changeling of he new update below, including some updates for Hockenheim such as new cameras as well.

Just to remind everyone, today is the very last chance for new buyers to get Hockenheim for free as everyone who buys AMS 2 on Steam until this evening will be receiving the track, starting tomorrow it will move to become paid DLC content.


  • Adjusted row highlighting on session Load/Save screen to make the active column more obvious.
  • Enabled keyboard Tab key navigation for setup Save/Load page columns.
  • Updated the “Ready” icon in the lobby.
  • Fixed an incorrect icon shown on the dedicated servers in the multiplayer browser.
  • Fixed ultrawide alignment issues on the vehicle class dialog screen.
  • Minor general AI dry performance calibration pass.
  • Updated track limit system logic to help avoid some penalties when avoiding accidents.
  • Reduced amount & time of lifting throttle required to pay track limit penalty.
  • Interlagos Historic: Fixed AI hitting garage door post on exit; updated performance; Set the Maximum AI participants to 31; Fixed AI hitting garage door post on exit.
  • Hockenheim: Minor art pass to all versions; added screen gantry/pit pole; updated render road mesh to match physical; remove static crash fences from 1977 version; updated Historical & National cameras.
  • Camaro SS: Added wiper & windshield cleaning animations.
  • Formula V10 Gen2 – 2 skins Hitwin FR Team.
  • Adjusted onboard cams for ARC Camaro, F-Retros, F-Vintages, Trucks, Opalas, SprintRace, Puma P052, Stock Cars, Super V8.
  • Fusca (all variants): Adjusted cockpit POV.

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