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Automobilista 2 – 1.0 Release Roadmap

Reiza Studios have released a development update on their Early Access Automobilista 2 title, revealing that the title is due to hit 1.0 in mid-June.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Reiza Studios was able to work in full steam, allowing the team to hit all core development targets and be schedule with the release of 1.0.

In terms of content, the studio is making great progress porting over many of the popular cars from Automobilista 1, all of which will of course be brought to AMS 2 standard.

Some brand new cars in line to join will make up the Grand Prix Classics series that will include some famous 70s Formula One cars, including the Brabham BT44, Lotus 72E and Mclaren M23.

In terms of tracks, Reiza is making great progress on Silverstone, Hockenheim and Bathurst and has a brand new license to reveal as well as Spa Francorchamps is poised to join the simulation, both in current and historical form!

Speaking of licenses, that’s where Reiza’s work was affected by Covid-19 more than anywhere else as many of the required departments on the car manufacturer side scaled down operations during the past two months, delaying some of the required paper work for additional cars.

Nevertheless, Reiza has of course been working on these cars in the meantime as many of these new additions will be ready to join the sim once the licensing deals are in place. Reiza’s whipping up a tasty mix of content with 60s/70s vintage touring cars, Group C cars, 90s German touring cars and GT1 cars specifically mentioned.

Automobilista is available on Steam the Early Access version will still be available for 20% off until the 1.0 version release.

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