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Audi Sportwagen Mod for GTR2 – Released

Audi Sportwagen Mod for GTR2 – Released

From the German GTR2 community comes a true gem to wrap up 2007. The Audi Sportwagen Mod features two scratch-made cars, the Audi RS4 as well as the Audi R8, both in full racing trim of course. Both cars are included with plenty of liveries, fictional ones as well as well known DTM and Audi Motorsport designs.

The quality is outstanding, both cars are modelled exceptionally well and include nice details such as a full working rear-view camera in cockpit. The sound of the R8 is worth the 200MB download alone, even though I am more of a BMW guy myself I have to admit the sound of this beast is nothing short of addicting. The R8’s screaming V10 is partnered with the deep bassy V8 sound of the RS4 which is very pleasant too. Give these babys a try, they´re definitely worth it.


Modell – Bulldog13/Viper
Physik – Quertreiber
Sound – Citytea
Betatesting –

I´ve attatched a few unedited screenshots (as usual 🙂 ) as well as the download link.

Download the Audi Sportwagen Mod for GTR2 Here

  • Groingo

    Audi Sportwagen Mod is just like the man said, I seem to remember SIMBIN started this way, hope SIMBIN is taking note cause this is superb stuff and just raised the bar!

  • Anonymous

    nice model, crap physics…