Atari Postpones GTR Evolution Release

For over four weeks, Atari Germany was set to release GTR Evolution on Thursday the 14th August. Three days before the projected release, the plan changes as Atari Germany has postponed the release for one week.

New release date is Thursday the 21th August according to Atari and all major retailers. A reason for the last minute delay has not been announced.

  • mattias

    πŸ˜₯ too bad, was really looking forward to this.

  • Grimes

    7 days longer 😯

  • Anonymous

    πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  • gtrNL

    πŸ‘Ώ damn and blast

  • Disposable_Hero

    Look it this way: better than the original release date on, which was 30th of September πŸ˜‰

  • Roadblock

    They forgot to include Missle Command.

  • stabiz

    Not surprised.

  • kingkai

    In Holland the shop release date is 8th of september πŸ™

  • Raikku

    But what that means in other countries? Until now, here in Finland planned release was 29th of August.

  • 6e66o
  • Anonymous

    …who cares – when is it out on steam?

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