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Assetto Corsa – Update 0.5.3 Released

Following Friday’s release of the fourth Assetto Corsa Early Access Beta update, another little update has been released.

Following Friday’s release of the fourth Assetto Corsa Early Access Beta update, another little update has been released.

With the 0.5.3 update, Kunos Simulazioni addresses player complaints about the pentalty system during races and improves the newly-added AI alongside other details.

– Removed penalty system in race special events
– Fixed session over leaderboard
– Fixed session result post session
– Added more slipstream
– AI acts less superhuman after collisions
– Replay memory limit slider increased to 500mb
– Added missing skins for BMW M3 grA
– Modifications on collisions boxes of very low cars.

Assetto Corsa users can now update their installation to the newest version via Steam. The Assetto Corsa Early Access Beta is available for purchase, selling for 34,95€.

  • Marcio

    Kunos… what else?

  • damys

    now i hope they fix the BMW 1M for now is veri incompleted ..gauges don’t work , rear light too etc.. and the other colors for the 458 ..still miss the nero daytona etc

    • Anonymous

      Patience, Grasshopper.

  • Jukka Karppinen

    My god i love the 6 speed DTM e30! It’s pretty much best car in any sim so far imho. AI is not too bad for early version.

    • Roger Wallentin

      I agree, its a really nice package. Just the right power, grip, handling, oversteer biased balance, looks and sound!

      I need to spends some more time with some of the race cars with the new tire model updates, loss of traction under power comes much earlier now with the slick tires which makes them more dynamic and alive. I think more realistic as well, some where a bit too planted before unless you where are the very limit speed wise.

    • F1Racer

      I have to agree. I tried the DTM variant for the first time on Vallelunga today and set the 2nd fastest time on RSR. So either that’s not right or there haven’t been too many rivals with that combo – or they’re just slower.
      But I am still over 2s off the top time but I did do my lap with a stock fuel load and setup.

      Superb car and that initial right hand / left hand sweeper in Vallelunga is one you hold your breath for πŸ™‚ I can’t take it flat but just have to back off the power for a second so it doesn’t hit the gravel on the other side.
      But you can see the car straining under the load. Love it !

  • Weyland-Yutani

    Loving the AI even if it’s not perfected yet. Anything is better than driving alone on track over and over. Only things I don’t like is the long wait on the grid and not being able to select first gear until the lights go out.

  • Anonymous

    This level of support and frequent updates is still quite unreal to me as a simracer… =).

  • John Karagiannis

    Raced the Monza at level “hard”. 9/10 times, I got crashed from the rear and kicked out at first chicane!!!

    • F1Racer

      Hard isn’t it ? πŸ˜€

      • John Karagiannis

        Well, not quite my point, but you got me.

      • F1Racer

        I understand the frustration of it, believe me πŸ™‚ The AI are a bit like overly-nervous boy racers at the moment but I am optimistic that it will improve quite substantially.

    • Mark

      Don’t brake so early then.

    • Deatroy

      Last update 0.5.3 fixed it a little bit.

  • Roger Wallentin

    With the 0.5 release they made the best tire model and chassie feel even better πŸ™‚

    I wonder how long they can keep this up without messing something up, with pCars its constantly going back and forwards all the time. In one build a car can feel quite good and then they change something and it gets worse, then better again etc.

    Kunos is doing a great job at keeping the quality level constant at a very high level and improving it gradually.

    • Anonymous

      Kunos does a great job indeed.
      But you cannot compare AC and pCars at this moment. pCars is still in alpha stage while AC has already released a commercial early version.

      • Roger Wallentin

        I do compare them as I have purchased them both and are driving them both, none of the sims are final. There are still significant updates to both content, visuals and physics in both sims (new tire model and improved FF in AC 0.5 made a big difference).

        I have been driving pCars for 14+ months? since it was first released as an alpha and AC for less than 2 months.

        I agree pCars is in a much larger state of change and its a much bigger project with a larger theam and ambition levels when it comes to content, visually its the leader on PC. I have high hopes for pCars, but at the “current state” AC has a high level of consistent quality overall (since the tech demo was released 5 months ago until now).

        Final products yet to be compared, I’m hoping that we will have two excellent sim’s competing and evolving all aspects of sim racing! πŸ™‚

        Speaking of pCars, I need to give pCars another go, its been about a month or more since i drove it last. The Capri is my favorite car so far, need to see if it has been improved since. Also hoping for some updates to the F1!

      • Olivier Prenten

        It’s easy for pCars to mention they are still in alpha when they are in a more advanced stage than any of the other sims! KS should have done the same but they smartly announced an early access level of development… Who’s wrong who’s right? πŸ˜‰

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, some parts of pCars are more advanced but a lot aren’t. That’s why you see some major inconsistencies between builds as described by Roger.

        AC is much more stable.

  • Sky

    Almost 15 years later, grand prix 4 still reigns supreme in the AI department…

    • F1Racer

      A bit unfair to compare it to AC at this stage though. That feature has only just been rolled out to us and is in it’s early stages. Lets see how it is when it’s done.

      GP4 was good with AI but not as great as the hype suggests imo.

    • Roger Wallentin

      I have only driven 2 test races vs AI but I think they provide a pretty good challenge (I like the difficulty levels) and I really like how they get the cars sideways and over drive sometimes.

      Yes there is too much artificial quick micro adjustments (breaking and steering) but I’m sure this will be tweaked over the coming releases.

    • Anonymous

      I think GTR 1&2 and GTL had pretty darn good AI NT 2004 had good AI NR2K3 had good AI ISI’s F1 titles and rFactor had good AI. So what have these people(developers) forgotten because it seems it has become a real problem these days across the board not just one title.

    • Olivier Prenten

      The best AI is rF2, at this stage! Let’s KS adapt their seat! πŸ˜‰

  • Roger Wallentin

    Really hope we will get the option to disable the steering wheel soon!

    The virtual steering wheel is really well implemented (best in any sim or game so far IMO) but when you have a screen close and a proper steering wheel you dont want another virtual steering wheel in game.

    It also screws up how much depth you can have when running in 3D as the virtual wheel comes really close to the camera when you adjust for a realistic FOV and seat position (I love the seat adjustment gadget btw!).

    • Ronny Nunez

      Also looking forward to this option. In my case it distracts me and makes me over-correct the car most of the time.

    • Chris D

      I was told it is in development but not high on the list right now as there are bigger things to iron out before 1.0

      but yes as triple user I am eagerly waiting for it

  • Andy Thompson

    The pace of updates astound me. Makes you wonder why ISI are so slow in comparison?

    • Anonymous

      IMO this is what kunos want to show.

      At the Gamescom in 2012 people already tested and raced with the AI, now after 2 years, they just released 4 special events…

      The same is for cars ready from years ago, like the exos t125, the Exige s, and tracks: ie. nurburgring.

      IMO they release very few thing at time, so the people don’t get bored soon, and they have more time to develop other things; plus, they maintain high the hipe versus AC; but in reality in my opinion, they are slower like (or more) than ISI.

      We will see In the next months πŸ˜‰

      • Deatroy

        Both are small Dev Teams and you cant expect that both are extremly fast πŸ™‚

      • speed1

        I call that clever.

      • Anonymous

        And your point been?…..ISI showed vehicle mods 5-4 years ago, and til this very day they are still not ready & there software has been out longer than any other, we would rather the route Kunos is taking than the slow pace which ISI taking.

      • Anonymous

        Were they running? I’m talking about cars and tracks that people drove at gamescom 2 years ago.

      • Manuel Riger

        this makes no sense. The content from Kunos is allready done not 100 % but they have every car and track ready before they start there beta. ISI creat this things on a going beta that not the same. Im not pro isi there a really slow but u can t compare these two betas.

  • Anonymous

    I for one have taken an extreme hit in FPS and getting around 35fps with AI on track

    • Roger Wallentin

      Yeah its taken a hit for me as well, I’m running 2X nVidia 680 in SLI in 3D on single monitor in 1080p and im down to 30-40fps with a full grid of cars, ocassionally even lower.

      I’m running high but not maxed settings, disabled HDR and 4X AA and 8X AntiS

      • F1Racer

        Hmm my settings are maxxed with a single NVidia780 and I’m getting quite a bit more than 40fps on 1920×1200.
        On the BMW race at Mugello I’m getting 90-100fps in cockpit and 120fps in bonnet and replay views.
        For me that’s not far off what I get with 1 car on track.

        Which track/car combo is this or is this in general ?

      • Anonymous

        E30 Race

      • F1Racer

        Yeah same here then, the E30’s.

    • Gallinho

      same for me,running hotlaps on my own i’m getting 100+fps but in AI races it’s wierd coz i get like 80-90 fps for half of the first lap but then it crashes to 4fps and never comes back up again even when i’m on my own on the track. Gutted, I was well looking forward to racing AI, hope they get it sorted soon!
      Oh well, at least the new Gt3 series with the Ruf on iracing will keep me busy in the meantime

    • Chris

      I think this is more heavily gpu loaded, as even with 16 AI and all settings full I am getting 100+fps with a gtx770, 10gb ram, and i7 930 @3.2ghz. I am surprised how well my system holds up actually, and I think alot of it is due to graphics card as my cpu needs updating.

    • Karsten Da Silva SΓΈrensen

      are you running with multiple screens ? resolution?

      • Anonymous

        No! Single Screen @ 1152×864 SLI 660 ti’s 2gb VRAM and an 8120 no OC w/ 16gb 1866 RAM. Anyway I think they will get it worked out to where a system like mine should get 60fps with a field of AI on track.

      • Anonymous

        there’s something wrong with your system then, or some bugs going on.

      • Anonymous

        No there is not! My system is fine with other games with me hitting 450fps in some titles. In AC hotlap mode I was getting 150fps – 200fps

      • Raphael Smith

        At 2560×1440 I get 60 fps with a ful field of AI and I have two gtx470s in sli, which are not as good as your 660s and I’m playing at a much higher resolution. I have a 4670k cpu tho. Maybe your cpu is causing a bottleneck when it comes to the AI?

      • Anonymous

        My CPU w/o OC actually benches close to an i7 2600

    • Shaddix

      SLI system got more FPS issues then “normal” ones. Maybe you try only one 660 card.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a good point with a vision of a reasonable fix. If in fact an SLI optimization issue.

        Edit: I am getting upward around 108fps with a single card so once they get multi card support sorted I thin k performance will be fine.

      • Shaddix

        nice πŸ™‚

      • Silvio

        I have 2 GTX580 in SLI (or not). With SLI I got 25 FPS, with one card I got around 65. But I can’t go with ultra settings in game. In fact there is no much difference in image quality, but I think there are people getting more FPS with same card, or not?

      • Shaddix

        i dont know, but overall sli wont work right.

  • GamerMuscle
  • Roger Wallentin

    Have been doing some more racing vs the AI yesterday (2-3 hours)

    The AI drives really well and “human like” when they are not in a big crowded pack like going into turn 1 (that clearly needs more work) πŸ™‚ They dont slow down too much in a specific corner or go too fast in others, its very much like how a good human driver would drive. Sometimes they get the tail out which looks very “realistic” and engaging πŸ™‚

    AI consistency in laptimes are quite good as well and scales well with the difficulty level.

    For me the difficulty levels are perfect, “Hard” gives an experienced drive like me a challenge and you cant make any major misstake to win. On Alien you really(!) need to bring you A game and practice clean and fast laps to stand a chance. I’m currently 0.4 sec / lap off the pace to win the BMW race on Alien, but its clearly doable. I just love that I cannot keep up with the AI on Alien difficulity when I have not mastered the car and track yet. Reminds me of GPL back in the days! πŸ™‚

    Need to drive some more tonight! πŸ™‚

  • Gorka Barron
  • Steve Bird

    Is there another update today?