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Assetto Corsa – Update 0.21 Available

Kunos Simulazioni has released a new update for the Early Access beta of Assetto Corsa, introducing the Lotus 98T Formula One car.

Kunos Simulazioni has released a new update for the Early Access beta of Assetto Corsa, introducing the Lotus 98T Formula One car.

Alongside the turbo-powered Formula One car, the new update introduces plenty of other changes to the title’s multiplayer mode and other area as detailed below.

As Assetto Corsa moves closer to the 1.0 version release, the next update is due to be out on August 29th.


– Multiplayer Improvements : New server version available
– Multiplayer Gameplay improvements
– New Post Processing Effects engine implemented
– Implemented booking-less server joining
– Physical Dynamic track implemented
– Shader fixes and improvements
– Time Attack fixed start with too much time
– Fixed AI starting at the same time in qualify
– AI improvements, better gas control and understeer detection
– New Car : Lotus 98T
– lotus elise sc, exige 240R, scura, exige s roadster speedometers corrections
– changes in speedometers visualization depending on UI options and car design
– Tyre damping modifications for all cars
– Ideal Line improvements
– Improved Python Apps error handling on loading
– Dynamic wing controller now use setup value as initial angle value.
– Localization fixes
– Time Difference displayer improved
– Fixed camera triple screen & driver names
– Fixes in Replay for cars with animated suspensions
– Fixed “You have been sent to pits” issue
– GUI forms default position not overlapping with system messages anymore & GUI Improvements
– Showroom updated with the latest graphic engine improvements
– ksEditor updated with the latest graphic engine improvements
– Per-Car New setup option to customize Force Feedback
– Disabled AI in multiplayer events
– Replay size reduced by half
– Fixed crew placement in multiplayer events
– Virtual mirror remembers its last state & virtual mirror improvements on triple screen cfg
– Fixed mirror rendering bug
– Adjustable brake balance while driving, for cars that support the feature
– Adjustable brake balance in the physics brakes.ini file
– Brake balance working with all the control configurations
– Fixed wrong time reported after Booking

New Multiplayer

We have worked very hard to improve the multiplayer routines: we have recognized that some of the limits of the previous netcode didn’t allow gamers to get the maximum satisfaction, in particular when some gamers was performing high ping values. We are glad to announce that the netcode of the new version doesn’t represent an improvement of the previous one, but it has been rewrote from scratch. The results of our private betatesting gave us an excellent feedback, and we are confident you will get a very improved multiplayer experience. Please notice that this new version, Assetto Corsa requires increased server bandwidth. Professional dedicated servers shouldn’t have any problems at all, but users that wish to host session on their local home connection, should start with a very low client number and slowly raise the number until they find the limits of their connection.
The following bandwidth requirements are a conservative guideline, your results may vary:

Clients = Kilobytes /sec upstream

5 = 23KB/s
8 = 66KB/s
10 = 106KB/s
15 = 247KB/s
20 = 448KB/s25 = 708KB/s
30 = 1026KB/s

New Multiplayer features

New multiplayer mode without booking request. The number of servers and users wishing to easily join pickup servers has caught us by surprise. We never immagined such a big success of casual multiplayer sessions with Assetto Corsa. As such, it was evident that the actual booking system, specifically thought for leagues and organized racing, was not doing a good job. We’re introducing a new “pickup” multiplayer mode without booking sessions.
The new “pickup” system, permits a server to be configured without booking sessions. An entry list must be configured properly, with only the cars that will be present in the server.
Clients can filter from the UI and search just for non booking servers. Then simply select a car and join the server at whatever session (practice, qualifying or race), at any time as many times as they wish.
At the current state the “pickup” system does not permit a specific skin selection from the client and we’re pretty sure that needs more testing in order to iron out possible bugs. Please help us by pointing out bugs at our official support forums. We are looking to have multiple hotfixes during the following week, in order to deliver a stable version for August vacations.


Working on the Lotus Type 98T, we have had also the chance to analyze some issues related to the stability of some of the most performing cars that feature a active aero system: the Lotus Type 98T produces very high drag and downforce values, that change costantly and dynamically with pitch, speed and throttle position. All of that, together with the incredible power and speed that this car is capable of, resulted in multiple critical situations for our AI. The new AI improvements, not only manages to mantain the Lotus 98T on track, but also improve the AI behaviour of the other cars. More improvements are on the way, following optimizations of the new code.

Graphics engine

As anticipated some weeks ago, this build performs some new graphics libraries: you will notice some improved post-processing effects, including DOF (depth of field), bloom, tone mapping, FXAA and more. There are some additional features included in the graphics option menu that will allow users to choose different scenarios. This version does not include most of the effects that will be included in future and that will represent a huge step ahead: before to introduce other features, we want to be sure about stability and performance of this upgrade.

Next updates

As always, we’ll monitor all the forum activities in order to find and resolve eventual issues and bugsthat might show up, due to the numerous new features included in this update. We will provide if needed, multiple hotfixes and feature updates in the following days. The next main build is expected to be released on Friday, 29th of August

General news

The implementation of FMOD is going well: as soon as we will be able to provide a comparison video between the current version and the new build featuring FMOD, we’ll show you the benefits of this upgrade: this step represents a huge challenge, because it requires a total conversion of old samples and the creation of new ones. Also, new effects will be included in order to create an immersive sound environment that can guarantee an immersive experience. We believe that the final result is well worth the investment requested.

The modeling of Spa-Francorchamps has been almost completed: as you might know, this track will be included in the 1.0 version of Assetto Corsa (and this might suggest you that 1.0 version isn’t too far). During this summer we will release some videos and pictures that will give you an idea of what to expect from this awesome and legendary circuit.

Considering the time involved to schedule and manage the production of new contents, we are working in advance to provide you tons of new contents even after 1.0 release, with new car brands licensed and models to be unveiled soon. We recognize that trying to stay focused on the development of the main build and on some new activities, we haven’t shared enough work in progress pics and videos for a while: don’t worry, we’ll surprise you again. Stay tuned on to discover all the incoming news!

The Early Access program has been very successful, exceeding our expectations, and it’s about to end. Thanks to this results, KUNOS Simulazioni has welcomed some additional programmers and graphics modellers that are already involved in current and future productions, thanks to their experience matured working on AAA games. We are grateful of the amazing response of the community towards Assetto Corsa and we try our best to give you the best racing game we are able to make. Thank you very much for your incredible support: see you on track!

Assetto Corsa’s Early Access Beta is available on Steam, selling for $39,99.


  • Sigmatc

    So many things to test and hopefully, we’ll have constructive feedback for Kunos. Thanks for the hard work

  • melanieuk1

    Since the 0.21 update there has been three more mini updates, two listed:

    – Adjusted Traction Control assist on Lotus 98T

    – Lotus 98T ride height adjustments added
    – Launcher default theme: adjustments to car listing of non-booking servers

  • Patrik Marek

    I’m mostly keen on the graphics/shader updates, heard form some that it’s a step back ( too washed out, too dark shadows, too much contrast )
    will wait for my own assessment though 🙂

    never liked high contrast in game, prefer the low contrast/movie/photography style

  • Shaddix

    finally slipstream and the dynamic track is already good enough implemented to have fun. Just look at overview 😉 If you choose dusty or green track its feelable^^

    • Matthew Arnold

      I have not tried the dynamic track yet. Is it like rFactor 2’s Real Road? Is it adjustable like Real Road?

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        it has four or five pre-sets…’dusty’ starts out slick and after a few laps starts gaining grip…’old’ never gains grip…optimum is 100% grip all the time…and there are a couple of others.

        The graphics are still the same ‘canned’ darkening that has always been there.

      • melanieuk1

        Graphics can be adjusted by the post processing settings in the ‘Effects’ tab.

      • Jos

        what has that got to do with the rubber on the road?

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        So it is not working like RR. RR doesn’t have a 100% margin as the track is changing all the time what is a quite obvoius thing. RR is connected to tyre wear thatswhy you can only change the rate of RR and tyrewear, but not how much there is actually.

      • melanieuk1

        Yes you have six settings: Dusty, Old, Slow, Green, Fast and Optimum.

      • F1Racer

        I used to be the last 3 and how I feel like the first 3 🙂

      • melanieuk1

        Should be crusty, old & slow then 🙂

      • F1Racer

        I’m crusty ? Then that’s Can’t Race Under Stress Thank You.

  • Tiago Guerreiro

    The last time i tested AC was back to 1 week of the release, online was terrible, i will try and do my testing to see what we´v got now!!

  • svdb

    For me the graphics are a big step forward, finally those dull colors are gone. You might have to get used to it, but it surely looks better now imho.
    FPS is pretty good as well on my amd 6950.

    • F1Racer

      100 boost at Monza 66 is amazing. I found myself having to hold on tight to the wheel due to the FFB. I just short shifted the first 3 gears and nailed it in 3rd. Also the ‘traction loss’ app is really handy for this car as you know just before it wants to break traction and you can shift up a gear or lift a little depending on the situation.
      I don’t think I have to courage to stick it on the Nords just yet 🙂

      • melanieuk1

        I wouldn’t, I rather test new cars on Kunos Laser scanned tracks first, then go for the third party tracks you like.

      • F1Racer

        well each to their own. I think it’s about the enjoyment and not sticking to how ultra accurate something has to be.

      • HammerX

        On the pedal indicator, what is the grey bar? Is that the traction indicator?

      • F1Racer

        The grey bar is for force feedback. If it turns red that is ffb clipping and may mean you need to turn it down a little in your config. Mine flickers red briefly only on heavy bumps and such.

        Also you adjust the boost with the 1-0 number keys. 0 being 100%

  • Daniel Gomez

    How do you set the turbo in “100” ???, I can’t break 305 km/h in monza 67 with rear wing = 1

    • F1Racer

      I’m doing 331 here with a rear wing of 5 🙂

      Try the number keys from 1-0

  • Birddogg66

    2 Lotus Cars Get Released today? The 98T in Assetto Corsa and the 72D in SRW.

  • F1Racer

    Well I gotta say the Lotus 98T…. wow. The FFB is great (now changeable in setup) and I actually (for a while at least) set the world record lap time on RSR with it at Monza66 with a 1m13.666 (not for the superstitious). I’m probably 50th now but I was 2.1s ahead of 2nd place at the time so allow it allowed me a moment of glory at least.

    I haven’t tried the physical track yet but ‘Dusty’ looks interesting. I wonder if it’s graphically like that. Also if there is visible marble build up.

    Non booking MP looks like that will give MP a nice boost and now they have KERS/DRS implemented.

    Great great stuff. Wow that Lotus98 !!!!

    Anyone want to take a bet on how many days it will be before we see an AC vs pCARS video with the Lotus 98 ? I say before the end of Sunday.

    • karthik pai

      Seriously.. The Lotus 98T.. Its so crazy I got my eyes wide open trying to keep it on the Road!!!!

      • F1Racer

        Tell me about it 🙂 I want to put it to 100% boost and try it on the dusty road.

      • HammerX

        Crazy you are F1Racer. Yoda told me. 😛

      • F1Racer

        The truth you have heard. Learn the ways of the force(feedback) I must.

  • F1Racer

    Did anyone get any joy from the post processing app ? I tried going through the option but nothing seemed to be working.

  • melanieuk1

    For those that are having low frames, or don’t like the dark look in cockpit, disable or lower post processing, it is set to ultra by default

    • Birddogg66

      I am getting extremely poor FR in SLI mode but ample performance running off a single card and as some of you know I have a single display. At this point it may just be a multi threading issue. Complexities like this are areas where the larger developers have more man power to sort these issues. However I am fine for the time being running it off a single card.

      • Roger Wallentin

        I have the same problem with SLI (dual nVidia 680 cards) Win 7 64bit.

        If i run SLI mode i get half or less framerate compared to running a single card only…

        Like you I can run the sim with single card and it runs quite smooth with high if not maxed settings, but it will slow down with a lot of other cars on the track.

  • Matthew Arnold

    Really enjoying the 98T. Probably my favourite car now. Thanks Kunos.

  • Marcio

    to the people that said “Assetto isn’t a sim compared to rFActor 2 because dynamic track etc.” this update -> Physical Dynamic track implemented
    I’m a rFactor 2 fan btw : P

    • 5hitm4k3r666

      It is not working like in rF2. stop comparing apples and oranges. We will see how far they will get with it, but it is technicaly just not the same.

      • fkkamil

        And you will notice difference? lol

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Sure, That you are asking shows that you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Especialy what “dynamic track” means. Little question: how dynamic is your track, when it is rubbered in 100%?

      • fkkamil

        If 100% rubbered from the beginning then it is not dynamic. But to be honest you can’t feel difference between way of rubbering in rF2 or AC or real life. After specific period of time (e.g. depends on the number of cars) track is getting grippy.

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Just proves my point, doesn’t it?

        We are not talking rubbering of the track only, wich doesn’t work with percentages anyway. A track is not rubbered in 100% … never! The track in rF2 is a constantly changing object under changing TOD and weather condistions and dependend on the cars driving over it, especialy where they drive etc. Cars driving on it and laying down rubber is an important aspect, but even that is implemented different. You can have a endless loop in rF2 wich is not possible in AC. A track in rF2 is an ecosystem as it is in RL. In AC it is not. Believe it or not, but you will notice it, when you push a product to it’s limits.

        I will give the AC update a spin to check it out a bit more, but reading Michael Hornbuckles comment below it is a shortcut implementation. TOD and track is dynamic in AC aswell, but only in a very limited sense and time frame. It is not fully dynamic as in rF2. Thatswhy I said that the comparison is pretty much useless until both products do the same thing.

        We will see how Kunos develops the feature in the future, but RR is a bit more complex than it seems at the first glance and it is not an easy thing to implement as it leads to a chain of other things that need to be in place. Wanna have fully dynamic RR in AC? Things that you will need: full 24 hour TOD cycle with different lightning conditions, weather implementation, wet weather, rain tyres … pitstops. You see this list is endless. If stuff like that gets implemented in AC, we will have a fair comparison. Until then it is just a lot of hot air.

      • Chuck

        Completely agree with your statement.

    • Manuel Riger

      nice so ac only needs a good physics, forcefeedback and if they make ai in lan i maybe whould go back to ac from rf 2………….

      • GamingCanuck

        Good physics? Force feedback? AC excels at both of those, are you sure you’re racing on the same sim as the rest of us?

      • melanieuk1

        It amazes me that the same handful of people, love to hijack AC threads, claiming ac needs to be like rfactor2, when in reality rf2 physics is nothing to write home about, if ac physic was like rf2 there would be no need for ac, next they’ll be saying ac graphics needs to be flat and bland like rf2s, or ac needs that low speed spinout that plagues rf2, that same low speed spinout that was also in rf1.

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Nobody is requesting Kunos to drop it’s sleak UI or it’s gfx engine. The original post was about a comparison of the “dynamic track” feature, wich doesn’t work right now for obviouse reasons.

        “Dynamic” is a very dynamic word. Funny that you call features in AC unfinished and in rF2 broken. Blind and ignorant as usual …

      • SRT

        Please stop trolling and stop this absurd war you have against RF2. Stop lying, twisting the truth and trying to convince everyone ….

        RF2 is a great simulator, modders say, Kunos says and anyone who has ever had says.

        Both are great games and offer different things. Each of us has their preferences but this prevents us from enjoying both.

        You are a cancer for the simracing world. Your attitude and your lies only lead to meaningless discussions. No not as you still allowed to post on this site with this very lamentable attitude you have.

      • melanieuk1

        Nice first post, maybe you should read the rules before posting here and making personal attacks at me, and why should virtualR ban me for posting here, I’ve been posting here for over three years unlike you only just created a new account to reply to my post, I must have touched a nerve somewhere, a cancer to simracing really most funnest thing I’ve read here since discovering virtualR, why is it always and only rfactor2 fanboys getting so high blood pressure when someone talking about their favorite sim, no need for Rob to ban me from his site, this isnt the ISI forums where one can be ban for the slightest negativity, and while I’m here typing this, I could see you liking your own post three times amazing.

  • RichardHessels

    With my cable connection i should be able to host a server with more than 200…
    hmm.. that would be a bit crowded…

  • Philbert GTR UK

    “AI improvements, better gas control and understeer detection” Hows about the ability for them to actually stay on the track, have an awareness of other cars and not swerve randomly under braking. I am fully aware that this is still in development but the AI just kills this game for me at the moment. Especially annoying as the actual driving in this game is amazing. If they can get the AI up to rFactor 2 standards, this game will be immense 😀

  • wade

    the game looks great with this update but I cant figure out why I have taken such a massive performance hit. I was getting above 60fps before at 1440p and higher res but now I am getting below 30fps in most areas. is there a new setting I am missing that is causing this? im using a gtx 780 and i5 3570k

    • melanieuk1

      Try lowering or disabling Post process effects, it is set to ultra by default.

      • wade

        ill give that ago. thanks

  • Justin Cruze

    Horribly addictive, spent hours without even realising it…..

    AI is quite raceable now in some car/track combinations (e.g. had a blast with GT cars at Magione), although still completely mental and/or slow with other combos.

    Overall, awesome update!

  • myvracelog

    the car connects to the road. this is better then i thought it would be.

    Also no drivers riding around track standing up in there cars. LOL. some may get that reference.

  • Guest
  • pastor_tedhaggard
  • Kev

    I have just one question. When are you going to be able to do this in ac? What I am doing is achieving oversteer without power or braking. Note that clutch is in. ISI motor based sims can do this. LFS can do this. NKPro can do this. When will ac be able to do this? And no pcars cannot do this either.

    • Justin Cruze

      Can’t see the video……but I have had no problems getting the cars to oversteer without brakes/throttle.
      Some cars you can do it with default setup (e.g. 12C GT3 car), but all cars can do it if you tweak the setup. Default setups seem quite understeery in general.

  • Robert Gödicke

    Just tried two multiplayer sessions…
    Oh well, AC has a loooooong way to go before it can be used for proper multiplayer racing. The cars were literally all over the place, beaming around like mad, 50m above the track, then 2m in front of you, then 100m in front of you again, disappear completely, then you will skyrocket all of a sudden because a car just beamed into your car… Horrible, nothing more. My ping to the server was 33ms. Funny enough, when I pressed return to the pits (there was no race after all from my view, just driving alone and some cars beaming around the track) and clicked to watch the other drivers, all of a sudden they were driving quite normally.

    No fun for me this way. And I don’t like singleplayer or time trial (the AI in AC is suicidal anyway).

    I just can’t feel the joy (yet) others have with AC because it’s not suitable for bullet proof multiplayer races. Still need to wait for version 1.0 I guess. 🙁

    • Deatroy

      Most Server are wrong setted.
      Test the public Server “Wealthysoup” or ALOOG Server and see the differences.
      If they beam around there is definitly a wrong setup 🙂

  • F1Racer

    Read this !
    Rule 5 in particular.
    Break it again and it will be the last time. This isn’t the first time you’ve done this either.