Assetto Corsa – Nordschleife Announced

Kunos Simulazioni has announced that the Nürburgring Nordschleife is coming to Assetto Corsa.

Like the other tracks in Assetto Corsa, the Nordschleife will be laser-scanned, a novelty in sim racing titles.

The track will be part of the “Dream DLC” that will not only feature the Nordschleife but ten of the most-wanted cars chosen by the community.

The one month pre-order phase for the DLC pack will start soon, offering a 50% discount on the content pack. Assetto Corsa’s version of the Nordschleife is due to be released in September 2014.

  • MrNone

    epic to race alone.. online races dont reach more than 2 laps

    wasted time

    • Juha Mikkola

      You race with the wrong crowds :)

      3 weeks ago we had a 24h race at nords and the winning team and second had 16 seconds between them at the line driving 8:07 laptimes with gt3 ferrari in rFactor. 6th and 7th raced till the last corner for the place.

    • Andrew McP

      Online racing is a minority interest. The Nordschleife is not. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Did they offer a 1 DLC free (first DLC) when we/if pre-ordered? Just wondering, I have bought AC when first released on Steam but forgot. Thanks!

    • Damien

      Yes, IIRC Spa Francorchamps, the MP4-12C GT3 and the two SLSs are part of the first DLC which will be free for early access customers

      • Paul Mackenzie

        I knew about Spa and the SLSs but didn’t think the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 was coming in the DLC?? I thought it was basically ready

      • Anonymous

        From what I know that’s wrong. That was the original plan with the pre-order in mind, before the bureaucracy hit, it has changed with the release of Early Access and now they are included in the 1.0 version, not a separate DLC.

      • Guest

        Mmh, it seems you are right. According to the official website, only the SLSs and Spa is labelled as “Free bonus content”. I hope the McLaren GT3 to be added to the early access soon!

  • Anonymous

    Speechless… Very solid move by AC team!
    Monza, Silverstone, Spa.. Nurb.Ring.. I won’t be surprised (next time) when they will nail it with Suzuka.

  • John Krisfalusci

    Forget that too long, what about the Tsukuba Circuit? The most perfect and action packed track on Earth! ^^

  • Roger Wallentin

    Laser scanned Nordschleife… Wow, finally!! :D Looking forward to September! :)

  • Fuzilah .

    I’m seriously not understanding people nowadays.
    Everybody complaining all the time, arguing about everything, comparing everything, full negativity charge.
    Is this a my wiener is bigger than yours/my father is stronger than your father 4th grade forum?!?

    This whole community revolves around one thing: racing sims. Well, the sims themselves and the people who make them should be respected and motivated, praised for their effort and constructively criticized when due. But what is this whining about? People spend hundreds, thousands of euros/dollars in computers, wheels, pedals, shifters, screens, rigs, apps, and many other things…all for one purpose only: playing sims.
    Creators and programmers spend years making the base, the reason for this hobby to exist, trying to get it right, making content, aproaching their views while trying to bridge the gap with peoples expectations. They need time, hardware, licenses, pay wagers and pay for their lives. They leak out and show much more than ever while they are going at it…
    And people complain for 30euros/dollars? People complain for DLC’s with a lot more content than full games they previously bought? People whine just about everything related to the sole reason this comuunity/hobby exists? Is there no respect and sense of reward for the people who make this hobby/community thrive? For the base without which none of us would be here talking about it?

    A little more consideration and perspective would be more than nice, it should be the expected norm. Be it Papyrus, Kunos, ISI, SImbin or whoever it is that deserves the upmost repsect and to be paid accordingly to their position in the game, and I don’t think they overcharge and ride porsches to the bakery while laughing at us. And if they did, in the end it would be their life, not for us to judge.

    Be respectful and understand the full picture. These guys are making the best they can to the full extend of their knowledge and capacity, at least they try. We OWE them. As much as all the periphelall guys. STOP COMPLAINING. You are not special, you are not the centre of the universe. Be constructive, accept the developers choices and progress. You have the honor of being a part of it and be heard, that is new to game making. Be happy about it.


    • F1Racer

      And the Oscar goes to…….

      Yes I totally agree ! Well said !

    • Olivier Prenten

      That’s unfortunately how the world has turned to! Overprotected and assisted youth never happy! Everything goes so fast nowadays that they are used to get and want everything NOW! And no excuses are allowed! Who’s fault is it really? The debate is open…
      I will do my best to help my son growing up normally and learning being happy with what life offers to him day after day!

    • BackMarker


  • Silvio

    I don’t care about people complains. I got the best car simulator ever and I’ll support it. I could pay more for it, It is cheap for sure.

  • Paul Mullins

    There’s an old saying:

    You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you’ll never please all of the people all of the time..

    I would have thought that most AC owners would be pleased about ANY new content, regardless of subject or timing. It amazes me how many ‘spoilt brats’ are out there who complain about a gift. At Christmas time, I would have liked to have thought people would be more appreciative.

  • Kris Baxter

    I’m a tad confused here. I bought a game knowing it was not complete and that more content would be added over time, and now there are already paid for DLCs being talked about. How then do we then know when the full game ends and DLC begins? Not saying AC is ripping people off, but surely this is an easy way of making extra money when there is no finite description of what is included in the full game.
    As good as AC is, the content is lacking, and considering it was £30 early access discount, that is still alot for a sim these days, the most I’ve ever paid, and considering it is incomplete is a heck of a lot when you compare the vast array of cars and tracks available in Pcars.
    I’m just concerned by that fact I have dropped over £100 into 3 incomplete games that still offer very little return on my investment and I am still thoroughly enjoying Race 07 and GTR2, heck I still go back to rF1 for TCL on occasion.

    • Joe Gran

      The DLC won’t be out until September, where the game will be completed by early 2014. That’s where the game stops, and the DLC starts.

      You don’t HAVE to buy the Nordschliefe track from Kunos. There WILL be Nordschleife mods available for free (probably before the official version is available), so if you don’t support the DLC, don’t buy it. You just won’t have it laser-scanned.

      And Pcars is not in a great state right now, so I really wouldn’t consider that comparable to AC, because, well, where can I go buy Pcars and play it today?

      Also, there is a complete “finite description” of what’s in the full 1.0 release of the game. The official AC website will answer all your questions about that – it lists all the tracks and cars that you paid for for early access/1.0.

      I’m surprised you bought the game for $40 without knowing what you’re even paying for.

      • Kris Baxter

        I disagree with regards to the state of Pcars. I hadn’t raced it for months, then I bought AC, I had some fun and thought I would compare the Zonda at Mugello, I was pleasantly surprised, whilst Pcars lacked the feel and firmness, I was pleased to find the handling was agreeable and the performance was much better than I remembered, heck, I even tried a 10 car race on a rainy brno, and was stoked to find very little performance impact that I had experienced previously.
        Still some hiccups but I think it is shaping up nicely, as I am sure AC will over time.
        I guess its my fault to be comparing the vast array of cars and tracks in Pcars to the final selection in AC, I just want to know I am getting the most bang for my buck, as I am sure everyone does.
        Anyway, the point is that like a lot of people that have the 3 big sims that are in still in pre-release, we have paid over £100 for incomplete products, I preferred the old days where we got the final release for one price, GTL, F1C, GTR (2), Race (sort of), rFactor, we therefore got immediate enjoyment for our outlay.
        Hotlapping got boring a loooonng time ago, poor AI (or none) and no season implemented yet makes me question my own judgement, but I didn’t want to miss out either.
        But as I said earlier, I still go back to the classics, I enjoy making custom GDBs and custom classes with the retros in Race and PnG3 so I can race how I want to, where I want to, against the models and liveries I want to.
        In pcars there are enough cars to make a half decent season, currently in AC, there is not, Mclaren vs 458? Zonda vs ??? what compares to that? E30 vs ???. It looks like the final version will be incomplete and heavily reliant on community mods in order to get a decent size pack of varied cars going.
        I’m not slagging it off, just thinking aloud.

      • Chris Wright

        I also would love to buy sims in complete “boxed” form but I guess the main issues with that are: -
        - It is a failed business model in PC sim racing.
        - Due to the above, developers would probably not get projects funded at all if they had to wait longer to start recouping their investment.
        Unfortunately that’s just the way things are. There is also the additional thought that, certainly in rF2′s case, it can become very unclear as to when the final version has, or has not, been released…
        In the end this is a niche hobby which kind of dictates that it has to be funded in a niche way.

      • Kris Baxter

        not necessarily, all the usual suspects from our sim racing past were released as final versions and available off the shelf from any games retailer or amazon.
        Live For Speed may have been more successful if the game was marketed and sold where the general public could see it.
        I converted a mate in NZ who had no idea anything like this existed, he was aware of the usual suspects in arcade racing, i.e. NFS and GT on PSwhatever, but when I showed him rFactor he was so blown away he built himself a rig, bolted on a G27 and we built his first proper custom built gaming PC.
        The problem is our sim racing is being made niche because it is not marketed in the mainstream and some games are only mentioned on sites such as this. I understand that of course small devs don’t have a big marketing budget to go mainstream, and no doubt the recent addition of both pCars and AC to Steam will help them get more coverage, and I appreciate not wanting to sell out to the big publishers keeps their independence, but at what cost to what could be?

      • Chris Wright

        Actually, reading what you said very carefully, I think we 100% agree with one another.

        The inescapable fact is that the general public just wants an arcadish experience without depth. The Gran Turismo and Forza franchises most iconically represent the mainstream concept of a driving sim.
        Coincidentally, the shortcomings of race sim marketing struck me like a thunderbolt only yesterday. I had a quite stunning rF2 Clio racing session at Croft. As it’s the holidays, I had more time than usual to set the car up and, once I had found the sweet spot, it was, in my view, probably more entertaining than anything else I can remember racing.
        The problem is that ISI, and others, never seem to ship their games with optimum generic setups, so people try these titles and just slide off the track all the time, and go back to the console games. In rF2′s case, this is made worse by making the default track condition Green. It’s just not the way to win more friends is it!
        This level of “out of the box” inaccessibility only makes it even less likely that a mahor publisher is going to put any marketing muscle behind titles. Hence the market finds itself in an, if you will, perma-niche state.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        The only reason we own incomplete games is because we bought them early…We were willing to wait on them to be completed in order to play what was ready now.

        The option to buy a final release is still out there; you just have to wait until the game is actually released.

    • Deatroy

      Content of AS Version 1.0:
      Just READ before buying and complaining, because there is a finite description.

      Content of DLC: Nordschleife + 10 cars.
      DLC will be available after Version 1.0.
      Licenses arent cheap mate.

    • Chris Wright

      Odd one this. Can’t agree with you with your issues with AC DLC, KS have been commendably transparent, but I sure can identify with you that many of us have dropped not inconsiderable amounts of cash into a few as yet incomplete sims.. Although I don’t have a problem with this as such (the developers really need this practical/financial support) I do think that those who are delighting in knocking the “entitled” attitude of some are perhaps overlooking this fact a little. The assertion that has been expressed that developers don’t owe us anything isn’t really correct is it! They owe us the completed games we poneyed up for when they were in a very alpha/beta state. The good news is that the buy now, play the full sim much later approach is beginning to pay off in spades, which is just as well when you think about it.

    • Anonymous

      Well I would say that Kunos deserves the benefit of the doubt at this point and was always stated the title would not be jam packed with content like some others but to be filled with the help of community modding teams. It’s good you still enjoy the older games and I can relate to the desire to want finished products as in comparison to the open beta era were in ATM.

    • Anonymous

      Well read on Assetto Corsa web page what you bought and will get in AC 1.0. I dont know guys, are you stupid or just playing stupid?

      • Anonymous

        Come on now Kris has been a pretty well stand up member around here. I think your post is stupid

      • Anonymous

        Then he should read befor buying.

      • Anonymous

        What I am saying is Kris does not come into these forums to cause problems and should be deserved some slack before being called stupid. As for me I have probably earned my downvotes. Anyway enjoy your sunday.

      • Chris Wright

        Well there’s an up vote for you from me, as so many are keen to shoot anyone down in flames at the slightest provocation. It seems vital around here that you should only express the generally held opinion, or even worse, the exact opinion of the critic concerned.

        If your views come out of left field a bit more, smile and await your down votes :-)

      • F1Racer

        You could maybe be a bit less harsh on the guy.

      • Chris Wright

        Unfortunately finding fault is the number one sport around here :-)

      • F1Racer

        And that is a sport without winners.

      • Kris Baxter

        Nope, my bad, I didn’t check the site again. I just thought that the announced tracks and cars were the minimum we would get in the final version, not that will be the final version and DLCs later.

  • speed1

    Very simple, we wish to have, the guys develope, nothing more easy than that and i don’t think it works without money to hire someone doing a job for you and this is a job the guys do for all of us. No one lives only by love or a few happy people. Who are we can provide these expectations ?

    People won’t NS in HQ and laser scanned ? This is madness, a work of this size is worth the money. Unfortunately AC isn’t for me atm.

    • Anonymous

      Are you an iRacer?

      • speed1

        No more after a short test phase.

      • speed1

        Not that i’m intrested in but who is that silly to downvote a simple statement neither negative nor has a real content ?

      • Anonymous

        Who knows? and I didn’t get one as well? I thought downvoting me was almost automatic for some people

      • speed1

        Finally we earned lots of downvotes, lol.

    • Anonymous

      Just curious Speed1, if AC and iRacing is not for you what is?

      GSC 2013/2012
      F1 2013/F1 2012

      AC is best game out at the moment IMHO… w/pCARS in 2nd and then GSC 2013, followed by rF2 and R3e in the distance bringing up the rear.

      • speed1

        Did i mention any specific reason for my statement or did I just give a simple answer to a simple question ? Birddogg66 don’t ask something specially, just if i’m a iRacer, even i don’t know why he asked that, and i’m currently not. You can’t see me bashing any developer as many silly guys here do, me is ever seriously and honest nothing more. I have a great respect to all the sim developer and in this case i even don’t said something negative. What is the reason to be disrespectfull to me ? You see me bashing all over the web as some of the brainless people here do ? You see me posting at AC forum or any other puplic area about AC or any Sim of your choice ? If i’m intrested, i go and tell the responsible directly in the face what i think and don’t behave like the child’s at VirtualR. You see me contributing much to any topic at VirtualR ?

        Cmon man, there are many other people out you can behave like this to but you have no right to do so with me.

        And about the best, it is your opinion not my opinion but i see where you are coming from, just because i’m not in love means i’m a bad guy to you ? Hey man just for the record i’m a bachelor and a master of motor vehicle technicians. You think i need you or any other one telling me what is good or not ?

        Guys like you are the reason the sim community loosing people like me more and more. I wish you all the best with all the kids around you.

      • Anonymous

        If your wondering why I asked the iRacing question it’s because you seem to at least be okay with the concept of Laser scanning and the value of it. Which is pretty common for iRacers. As for the others here Speed 1 knows I have never had a problem with him.

      • speed1

        Yes i know mate and i don’t get his behaviour, since i wasn’t negative. Really odd this simracing community but hey everybody can be lucky because i’m finally out of the puplic. I’m really tired about all this negativity and even real guys like me are attacked for nothing.

        Regarding your assesment, it’s not any concept, it’s the understanding of how business works and the efforth the people put in there projects and nobody lives just by air. Fine it was but it isn’t the case and you can see which typ of guy i’m with my posts, even i’m not a fan, i’m not negative about the guys. I’m happy there are developer out sharing my love about cars but i’m real and if i think something is not good enough for me, it is up to me and not anybody to like it or not, since i’m a pro in real life and not a self called of the game industry but still i’m not negative intended and appreciate the work of those.

        I’m tired of all the fakes thinking to know something.

      • Anonymous

        Randall is a good dude and might have just been misunderstood and genuinely curious. Or maybe his personal take on his favorites caused the understanding of it to be misguided.

      • speed1

        Don’t know, and I’m not mad at him just disappointed. I always thought I am one of the good but as said it’s over now and i’m off the puplic for now. Do it well mate ;)

      • speed1

        Since i’m no more intrested in what anybody thinks about me, especially when i see peoples behaviour and downvotes for nothing i will do what i never did, and tell you my opinion about what is the best or not in a competitor chat, and it is for sure not AC, the number one is already …….rFactor2…. !
        Finally you know what i think is the best and who are the real guys imho ;)

  • Big Ron

    I am not as impressed or amazed as others. Nordschleife in AC is a cool deal. But a non-laser scanned Nordschleife for less money for DLC would have done it for me. I´ve seen a lot of great non-laser scanned, virtual Nordschleifes already, I doubt that laser-scanning would give me a different experience and is worth the extra money. I don´t put any value on it.

    Also, developers should have realized that the Nordschleife has to be basic content in every racing game nowadays.

    • Hairytoes

      It’s not laser scanning per se that is the desirable thing. It’s having a truly accurate track which is something anyone interested in simulations would logically see value in.

      I should also point out that the gtrevo version has many issues regarding camber that negatively impact the flow of the track. This is not counting track bumpiness and undulations and kerb height or even elevation issues. I still rather enjoy it but I’m confident a laser scanned version will be noticeably much better.

  • MrBobbo44

    Yes, I bought this game without looking into what was coming with it. It was on a Steam sale, I haven’t really been in to racing sims in a while, and understood it was early access. God forbid you buy a game these days without researching whether or not you’re getting ripped off. The way they made it sound was you bought early access with limited cars/tracks, and when the game released you got the full deal (a decent selection of cars). Wasn’t aware you’d only have a selection of a handful of cars and a handful of tracks, and everything else would be DLC. I got the game for like 20 bucks on a Steam sale, already feel like I’ve gotten my money worth out of it, but definitely not going to be dropping a ton of money so I can have a decent selection of cars and tracks. The way they market the game is misleading. I’m not a “spoilt brat”, I just don’t like being misled. I find the people justifying this kind of ridiculous. It’s not because this is a “niche” game that it won’t be all that successful, there are just other options that aren’t such a scam. Look at Gran Turismo, may not be quite as realistic as Assetto Corsa, but at least I get a wide selection of cars and tracks without being penny pinched for them. Then again, I really hate the idea of DLC in general. Or if you want to stick with PC, haven’t looked into Project Cars all that much, but I think it’s safe to assume it will launch with a wider selection of cars and tracks without having to pay more for it. Then again, even that game has been in beta for like 2 years or some crap. Not even a community developed project anymore. You should be able to get a decent amount of content when the game’s “final version” releases for $50 or whatever it is. The whole trend of game companies selling you a whole lot of nothing for $50 and then charging up the yang for DLC is just ridiculous.

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      You didn’t research what you were buying yet you feel misled and ripped off….LULZ
      If 36 officially licensed cars with individual and accurate physics and ten laser-scanned tracks aren’t enough for you too bad. That’s what you get for not spending 30 seconds looking into what you were spending money on.

      If having “only” 36 cars that actually drive like they do for real is far less important to you than having a hundred that drive alike then you bought the wrong game. And less than two minutes of clicking a mouse and reading would have told you this.

      If you hate DLC you need to quit playing video games immediately. Many publishers use DLC as a pure money grab and have no problems doing it. Dev teams such as Kunos use DLC in order to continue adding features for years down the road instead of pumping the same game out every year.

      You say it sucks how they market this game; the only marketing they have done is get on Steam and put up a webpage that explains EXACTLY what is included in Version 1.0. You not being able to spend more than 30 seconds figuring out what you are buying is the reason you are disappointed.

      You say that you aren’t a spoiled child and I would have to disagree.

      • Robert Stanley

        Ignore this guy; he belongs on 4chan with all the rest of the teenage angst who don’t seem to be able to help being a drama queen or communicate without the use of gifs or 4channish…he just comes out of the troll cupboard to try & well…troll everybody who doesn’t agree with him. The sad part is that there are people like this who will want to race online.

    • Guest

      Don’t like DLC….

      Best that you stay away from the Rise
      Of Flight and Battle
      Of Stalingrad flight sims then.

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