Assetto Corsa – Next Update Coming January 17

Kunos Simulazioni has announced that the update releases for the Assetto Corsa Early Access beta will resume in two weeks time.

Right now, the Italy-based developer is hard at work on the title’s AI to allow users proper racing in upcoming versions, whether or not computer-controlled cars will alreay make the next release is not yet known.

Kunos has also announced that several licenses with car manufacturers have been extended to include further car models. The company also confirmed to be working on securing Japanese makes, posting the photo of Nissan’s highly-popular GT-R as a teaser.

  • kr1nz

    GT-R would be nice to battle against the McLaren and Ferrari 458.

  • Joca Mazalo

    Amazing.. GT-R is just what we need in AC. Looking better and better

  • Chris Wright

    It’s good to know that AI is high on their priority list, as that is really going to be the critical aspect, for offline racers like myself. Everything has been so professionally handled so far, I have to say I’m extremely confident KS can deliver on this.

  • Anonymous

    Well now, they’ve only gone and blimin’ licensed one of the cars on my wish list! Arigato gozaimashita, based Kunos!

  • Anonymous

    Nice Car! Look forward to driving it against some AI or MP in a race.

  • Mar Mar

    In Nordschleife once it’s out!

  • Humberto Roca

    Now this is something special. I have driven the GTR for more than 4 years now and im looking forward to how real this car will handle! Go Kunos!

  • Gulyás Tamás

    Getting better and better ! :)
    GTR is beast !

  • Olivier Prenten

    Very good news indeed! Go KS go!

  • Geoff Jen Hall

    Fantastic news love the gtr

  • Jim. C

    Love the GT-R.

    Can we have the road and GT3 versions please?

  • Szilárd Hompoth

    I cannot believe it! For too long we’ve waited for the next-gen simulation, and now it’s here, with next-gen developing attitude. We thank you, Kunos!

  • Anonymous

    Though I’d prefer more Race-Cars than Street-Cars in AC, it’s great that Kunos now gets more into non-european cars. Great news!

    Also, I’m very happy that AI will soon be ready to go, it will definitely put the AC-experience to a new level :)

  • Dinof

    september 2014

    LaF on Nordschleife :D

  • Eric S

    Very cool. Could be close to a full field in Blancpain when all is said and done. Happy happy.
    : )

  • Jim. C

    The more GT3 cars the better!

  • Deatroy

    Both will be included as they got voted most for Nissan Brand.

  • Deatroy

    On Top Gear this car even beat a Pagani Zonda F, so i am clueless if Ferrari or Mclaren are slower or faster then the GTR :o

  • Anonymous

    Assetto Corsa – Developing AI – On board race.
    Assetto Corsa – Developing AI . AI vs AI race 1
    Both Published on Jan 4, 2014
    Considering this is Kunos first attempt at Ai’s, looking good so far Kunos.

  • Alejandro Gorgal
  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you whether or not it’s realistic in AC. Please let us know when it gets here! :)

  • Gniewko Ostrowski

    I bought AC, but as soon as I get into BMW GT3 or Vette from URD @ Poznań in rF2, I forget about AC, sorry. I don’t wanna troll or sth like this, but AC reminds me PCARS, handling wise which I forfeited. Maybe I have not driven it too much? It was about one hour only … I will give it more time, but by now I don’t trust this product …

  • Anthony Birch

    when can we find out the modding details of AC, eg; model and skin formats, modding tools etc etc

  • Jos

    don’t trust this product, it’s very adictive… :P

  • Guest

    I would love to make a video but my english is not that fluid yet, I will try to give all the details in a short review.

  • Humberto Roca

    I would love to make a video but my english is not that fluid yet, I will try to give all the details in a short review.

    Heres my kid.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    With a different driver. The new stig is at least 2 seconds faster than Ben Collins

  • Gniewko Ostrowski

    dunno, maybe it’s the DFGT I am using? And not native support for this?

  • Saleem Hodge

    Not sure if that is the reason but on my setup it is honestly a work of art. Haven’t gotten Rf2 to run correctly yet. Rest assured pcars has nothing on assetto corsa. I have have all three and haven’t played rfactor 2 since this spring and pcars since September.

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    The templates for the cars that have been released are in the steam-steam apps-common-assettocorsa-dev-templates
    You can make custom skins right now…mod tools won’t be released until V1.0

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    I’m using DFGT and have 120 hours so far so the wheel works fine.

  • Anthony Birch

    thanks for the reply Michael

  • C4

    In what sense exactly? Yes, in ideal condition the car can feel on-rails and you also don’t get (wheel) feedback from bumps and other things too much, you will hear this from many race cars, and in that regard a race prepped car like the BMW GT3 is probably “the worst”. Try to drive aggressively or try some “silly” things on track or some other cars and you will notice the difference, if you drive normally and very calm it will be more subtle.

  • Silvio

    New nvidia driver for SLI system bringing AC profile. Does anyone tested?

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