Assetto Corsa – New Live Timing Plugin Released

Radiator Springs Racing has released a new version of their Assetto Corsa Live Timing plugin.

The plugin adds comprehensive live timing & leaderboard functionality to Assetto Corsa, the new version comes with the following changes:

v2.0.007 (10/01/2014):
NEW stats: most active drivers
NEW stats: wheel/keyboard
NEW stats: wheel model
NEW implemented PRO rank with multiple cars (more info on the PRO Rank in the guide)
NEW implement PRO rank with single car (more info on the PRO Rank in the guide)
NEW admin tools for handling automatic checks on drivers
NEW add pedals/shifter model in the info
NEW show if user is using paddle shifter or H-shifter in cars with H-shifter (Shifter: H-SHIFTER NOT USED)
NEW ABS default values considered as ABS OFF
NEW added max speed and car damage percentage
FIX deleted Drag times (413 records)
FIX problem with documents registry key not recognized
FIX workaround to handle drag laptimes correclty in v0.4.1
FIX improved communication between the app and the management system

The plugin requires to be installed and players to log into the system via Steam. A comprehensive guide on how to set it up can be found here.

The system comes with live public leaderboards which can be seen here.

  • Radiator Springs Racing Team

    New version is out, with a lot of improvements on the website.

    v2.0.008 (12/01/2014):

    NEW Store all improvements of the user on each combo

    NEW add filters in the rank page.

    NEW total number of laps, total number of valid laps

    NEW rank page: PRO icon on the lap valid for the PRO Rank

    NEW PRO rank: show users times and positions on the top table

    NEW PRO rank: show user position. Clicking on it, the right page is selected (with the user hightlighted)

    NEW Rank: show driver position. Clicking on it, the right page is selected (with the user hightlighted)

    NEW User statistics

    NEW added total number of km and total number of laps per combo in the info

    NEW Add PRO rank position in drivers profile and PRO Rank

    NEW Separated World Records tables for Normal Circuits, Drift circuits and Drag Circuits

    NEW Nationality flag for all drivers into the web page

    NEW add laptime and #lap in the user live information (Driver X just did a LAP #5 at Track/Car [1:23:445])

    NEW display total numer of km per track in the user page

    FIX issue with lapcount

    NEW add PRO rank filter in the rank page

    NEW add a tyre filter in the rank page

    FIX FuelRate displayed a 1x instead of ON OFF

    NEW User time highlighted

    FIX max number of steps in the PRO rank graph

    NEW added last time seen online in the profile

    NEW Add Nationality details on the statistics

    NEW add monza+drift track maps

    NEW details about what the driver is doing on track on the profile, when he is online

    NEW Added Separated World Records in the profile

    NEW Monza added to the PRO Rank Formula Abarth

    • SuperSportBilly

      Hurrah tyre filter – Thanks

  • Steve Bird

    Many thanks for all your efforts.

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