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Assetto Corsa – New Gameplay Video

The guys over at have managed to capture a new gameplay video of Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa title.

The guys over at have managed to capture a new gameplay video of Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa title.

The video shows two laps at Imola in the Formula ACI Abarth car.

Assetto Corsa will be powered by a brand new DirectX 11 graphics engine and will come with advanced features such as blur & DOF. The title will offer extensive modding support as well as ten laser-scanned tracks and fully licensed cars as well as AI – A first for a Kunos title.

  • Péter Kerényi

    Who are we? Simracers!
    What do we want? Assetto Corsa!
    When do we want it? Now or ASAP!

    • GamerMuscle

      Though I might at times be immature I am not a 12 yr old on a school bus trip to a theme park, Nor do I want to be reminded of the experience.

      • Péter Kerényi

        Me neither. But don’t tell me you’re not looking forward to this sim…a lot. By the way in an interview Kunos said they are planning to release the sim this year, I hope they can make it, or at least the tech demo…

      • GamerMuscle

        I’m sure the sim will be awesome 🙂

    • Juhan Voolaid

      I think we have to wait at least one whole year more.

      • Anonymous

        Nah, the guys have said that they’ll be pushing the tech demo as soon as it’s ready (most signs point to before the end of the year) with an Assetto Corsa 1.0 release sometime in first to second quarter 2013.

        They know that Assetto Corsa 1.0 will not be 100% finished. They will add features to it like software rather than waiting for the entire game to be 100% finished. I’m fine with that method.

    • Anonymous

      no we dont want it now.
      i would much rather they take their time, with no pressure, and do their best job possible – if that takes another half a year, than so be it.

      rfactor 2 was a massive failure and drives nothing like a car with rubber tyres, netkar pro does, so we know that Kunos knows what hes doing.

      just give it time and let it mature, like a wine.

      • Péter Kerényi

        That is the reason I wrote ‘ASAP’ – as soon as possible…
        It’s just… I see your point and I agree with it, but there aren’t really any good sims today, at least for me. rFactor, GTR, Race series, NKP are graphically dated (yes, I need good graphics, it’s nearly as important as physics, both are equally needed, imo), rF2 isn’t really promising, pCARS isn’t a simulator, I don’t like iRacing… the only great sim in development is AC, and I can’t wait to try it (bought NKP just to get access to tech demo when it’s released).
        My simming needs cannot be fulfilled until I get AC 😀

      • kr1nz

        There are already good sims out there, you just need to put some effort on them. I really want to put my hands on AC, but saying that “there aren’t really any good sims today” is a bit extreme.

        GTR 2 with P&G 3, in Targa Florio brings a smile to my face everytime. GSC2012 does a great job too, so does rF1 with the best mods (HistorX for example).

        And rF2 isn’t the failure that some people like to say. The only car that I really don’t like is the modern F2 and a bit, of the Megane (maybe personal preference on that one).

        The classic formulas are some of the best experiences you can have in sims, and even the modern F3.5 is very nice to drive. I just did some laps today, after days playing only with Formulas from others sims, and I was able to set pretty decent laptimes, without practice. Not because I’m pro (far from that), but because it feels right (at least at my eyes).

      • Péter Kerényi

        I know I own them all, and I play them a lot. GSC is great, rF is great (I install it every 2 weeks but I can’t find the hang of it), rF2 has it’s own problems… but new content and build is coming soon :)) My problem is the graphics quality of these games. I know graphics are not the most important, but for me it adds infinitely lot to the immersion. rF2 would be great in this aspect, but performance problems and HDR should be resolved first.

        When I was a lot younger, and I saw Gran Turismo 4 gameplay in a shopping centre, I was amazed by its graphics it was the best I had ever seen back then. I couldn’t enjoy playing GT2 with my PS1. Now, when I see(and possibly play) games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Witcher 2, it just spoils my experience with these older simulators (most are gmotor2 based, which is around 7-8 years old). A new generation with new graphics, ESPECIALLY LIGHTING is needed.

        It’s only my opinion 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Hahahaha, here goes Mr Dingle again with his “rFactor 2 WAS a massive failure” garbage.
        You kiddo, are a complete clown LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Looks decent but not as stunning as its previous screenshots suggested. Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to its release. The more quality race sims released the better!

    • Juhan Voolaid

      The screenshots are not stunning as well. It may be, that it is just what the engine provides by default, but it has not been finetuned yet. PCars and Grand Turismo 5 are miles ahead in photorealism.

      • traind

        GT5 miles ahead in photo realism? I don’t think so. It is true the car models in dealerships in GT5 are fantastic. Outside of that, on the track, I really can’t fathom how you think GT5 is better? Interiors are not better, lighting is not better, track textures are not better.

        PCars does look sharper graphically but I have not seen really good high res footage of AC yet so I am not sure how close they will get to the pCars graphics.

      • Juhan Voolaid

        I haven’t played GT5 – I am just talking about the screenshots we all have seen. AC has the greatest potential of becoming the best sim, but they have so much work to do that it is too early yet to crown them kings.
        We haven’t seen different weather, different lightning (day, evening), hand animations, polished tracks – these are all the basics. The core functionality. Next there are racing rules, multiplayer, singleplayer, AI – all this takes so much work. As I understand, AC will be done by company no bigger than ISI. If that is so, it is safe to say it takes 2 more years. We might get a half ready version sooner, though. Until that, let’s cut down the hype.

      • Big Ron

        Of course GT5 can´t compete with PC-resolutions. It needs to deal with console limits. If it would be available on consoles, it probably would look freaking awesome even without photo mode. For being a console-exclusive, it still looks better than most racing games.

      • Roger

        GT5 looks better than anything besides pCars and it runs at 1920×1080 resolution @ ~60fps (unlike any other console sim title)

        GT5 is a masterpiece in physics and visuals, no software has ever simulated road cars better (by a long shot). I have driven ~10 super cars in real life on a track or even drifted them, comparing the unique characteristics of each car and chassis vs GT5 is almost scary as its so well simulated. You can also tell by comparing lap times at the Top Gear track or even Nurburgring, they are VERY accurate, much more accurate than any other simulation on any platform I have driven (and I have driven and drive all major sims released since GPL except iRacing on all platforms).

        Maybe AC will set a new PC benchmark for road cars, I really hope it does as I prefer racing on the PC!

        I think an important part is having a physics and tire model which can manage both grip racing and slip/drift without any hardcodes to accomodate either or. This will provide the most realistic and dynamic experience as even during grip racing you do loose traction sometimes and that is such a critical and hard part to get the right feeling for.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great and sounds great!

    • Anonymous

      Laughs at the fanboys who cannot even take the slightest bit of criticism over a beta product. Face it, it looks no better than rFactor with SRPL shaders.

      • Anonymous

        kind of strange reply to my comment ;-p

  • Big Ron

    I like the suspension/ compressing/ body roll-visuals a lot.

  • Varazdat Markosyan

    This same netkar only graphically much prettier.

  • Aleš Přibáň

    We want some playable content already 🙁

  • GamerMuscle

    Its hard to tell much from this video !

    But it certainly seems to have many of the characteristics that make NKP so much fun to drive.

    The car looks nice and stable, with good grip but with the driver able to very precisely control how much slip there is at any point in time something that is typically lacking from other simulators especially with formula cars.

    You cannot see it in this video but from what was shown at Gamescon and from some of the other videos around it looks like NKP might be one of the first games to Allow a driver to chose between all out sustained drifting or stable driving, all with the same base car without drastic set-up changes , Just as you can with most real real world cars.

    All evidence points to AC being the most sophisticated of the next generation simulators when it comes to raw driving and how the tires handle on the limit , in the end even if AC was exactly the same as NKP but with graphics update and higher detail tracks it would play better than any other sim currently out.

  • Anonymous

    it looks fluid, the driver says he’s got some driving “problems” because he’s not much sensibility wearing boots

  • Marek Szymanski

    Hello , Well then what i like to say is : i love how guys from “Kunos”working , no any CBT no any OBT no messing about “pay to get BETA KEY” and all that crap, just pure solid coding and working , its done when they think its done. About game ? man love it from day one, can’t wait to try it, some says its looks like NKP , nah they made so much more , About the Video ? : jizz in my pants, That’s it, thank you and all of you have a great day ,

    • F1Racer

      We can do without the the boyish obscenities, thank you !

      • Marek Szymanski

        no problem my bad , sorry for that and thanks for fix.

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    I really did like NKP, and looking forward to testing some modding out for AC, i just hope the net code is a bit more stable. can’t wait to test.

  • Ivan Schiöübel Notaroš

    Who are we? Modders!
    What do we want? Assetto Corsa!
    When do we want it? Now or ASAP!
    (thanks to Peter for the template xD)

  • Anonymous

    Needs gear wobble, then nice

  • Márcio Oliveira

    this is how rFactor 2 should have been like. anyway I’m glad it’s a new game in the sim section can’t wait for it!

  • Damon Clewlow

    Difficult to judge how it looks and how it sounds, videos of screens are always a bit naff in that respect. But certain aspects of those two things and most importantly the handling, are obviously really promising.

    Thanks for the video, but you should have stolen the demo.

    You’re fired.

  • Anonymous

    Looking great!

  • Brandon Miller
    • Juha Mikkola

      This video is WAY more informative!

      The car handling and reacting to steering inputs looks delicious 🙂

      AC is my last hope. Been racing sims for over 10 years and none of the modern ones has the same feeling that i had back in the day with nkp, so I’m really counting on you boys in the Lamborghiniland 😉

    • Anonymous

      much better & “informative” video indeed

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm looks Beta Worthy to me I really look forward to this when Kunos is ready to let us in.

  • General Rush Hour

    Hoping to see some raw footage soon.

    Fraps and up on youtube so we can see how it looks in motion without having a camera film a tv screen.

  • Avecezar

    No game will be your saviour! Keep looking for!

  • Roger

    That looks amazing!!

    The chassi dynamics under braking, acceleration and turning looks spot on!! As does the steering input… Cant wait to give this a go!!

    The engine sounds very good as well!! 🙂