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Assetto Corsa – Monza Announced

Kunos Simulazioni has announced the newest addition to Assetto Corsa – The Autodromo di Monza.

Following the recent license announcement regarding the Fiat Abarth 500 and Circuito de Magione, Kunos Simulazioni has announced the next fully-licensed circuit for their upcoming Assetto Corsa simulation.

The new addition is certainly world famous as Assetto Corsa will feature the Autodromo di Monza, the high-speed Italian Formula One venue.

Just like Magioni, the virtual version of Monza will be fully laser-scanned as Kunos acquired the needed data shortly after the 2011 Italian Formula One Grand Prix. Interestingly, the team did not just scan the operational parts of the circuit but also the historic bids and pieces such as the famous banked corner, leaving the door open for some interesting historical content?

Asetto Corsa will be powered by a brand new DirectX 11 graphics engine and will come with advanced features such as blur & DOF. The title will offer extensive modding support as well as laser-scanned tracks and fully licensed cars as well as AI – A first for a Kunos title.

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Wow, big drawcard. Good choice on getting that licence 🙂

  • Skytrill .

    I was expecting Imola to be the next announment as the first preview of AC had some screens of it but this is even better.. Now a powerful machine needs to be made for AC as monza just ask for it =)
    Historic monza laser-scanned on multiplayer on Dx11 with kunos physics… omfg

    • Sam Binfield

      In fairness Imola was kind of announced in the first trailer they showed.

  • Matt Orr

    Not going to lie, I was fooled.

    Saw the pics and went “Holy crap this thing looks amazing!”. Well duh, it was a freakin’ picture! Laugh at me below. lol

    • Christian Frays

      thought the same 😛

    • zerez86

      I’m pretty sure that the game will not look that much different from the pics 🙂

    • gt3rsr

       There won’t be much difference.

  • Peter Machala

    Also the banked part of the old track? Man, can not wait for this sim already!

  • Anonymous

    iracing take note….clearly licenses of euro tracks are possible to get hold of! can’t wait for this title already lol!

  • Anonymous

    WOW banked Monza…i’m sold!

    • Sam Binfield

      I don’t understand why they would scan the banking. It has deteriorated to such an extent that it would be completly undrivable!

      • gt3rsr

        PR. Or just to get some basic geometry of the bank which will be layered by a smoother surface later.

      • Justin Schmidt

        it’s actually still in use today. in an rally event each year. kunos mentioned it in the original announcement but montoya did his own article with less info.

  • General Rush Hour

    The scan itself does not look to be as high resolution as iRacing. Nor can i find any “dead” spots where they set up the laser. 
    Are they possibly running LIDAR scanning from a truck or something? 

    Either way, up yours iRacing, it´s like you don´t give a F about us european guys. 
    It seems they really have no idea about the european car culture. 

    They said they will get european cars that everyone will be VERY excited about. 

    My guess is that it´s VW Golf & Fiat Punto, and not BMW, Mercedes, Audi & Porsche etc.

    • Anonymous

      I’d assume you have trouble understanding licensing costs, where the main game audience come from and where the company is based.

      For iRacing to scan tracks in Europe they first have to get the license together, which isn’t always that easy due to language barriers and time differences. Then they have to plan a trip where a few people come over to Europe for a few weeks to scan the track, which costs a ton of money. Then they have to hope most of the Americans on iRacing have heard of the track and are interested in it.

      They have a great idea about European motorsports as a whole, its a cost and logistical issue more than anything else. Something which isn’t a problem for a company based in Europe. More specifically, a company that’s Italian being able to license and build Italian tracks. That’s no different to iRacing going and scanning an oval in America.

      Anyway, its great to see two sims on the market using laser scanning to produce high quality tracks. I’m really looking forward to driving on a few more European tracks in some interesting cars, should be a fantastic game if they get it right. I find it interesting that they scanned every bit of the track – it may just be to get it looking as realistic as possible although it would be a bit of a laugh to drive the old oval.

      • M C

        That’s the problem, the American tracks are more popular in iRacing, when in Europe we’ve seen very little racing on them, except maybe Laguna & Indie (depending what you’re into).  I don’t think iR scanning an oval is the same as KS licensing/scanning an Italian track.

        Obviously road courses are much bigger, but also there’s more competition when it comes to licensing.  Maybe an Italian track’s more likely to give KS a discounted rate =) but I’m sure the same is true of iR, that deals are easier to come to with US facilities going by some of the stuff they’ve said.

      • Anonymous

        Just being American doesn’t make the track more popular in iRacing. Spa is more popular than everything but the free tracks, Watkins and Road America, and that’s only because those tracks are so easy and/or free. And how well do you think any non-Italians are with Magione? 😉

        Part of the issue is iRacing said F1 tracks are much harder to license. That said, I think you sell US tracks short on international exposure. And F1 fan should know Watkins Glen and Long Beach, too. Sports car fans should know Daytona, Road Atlanta, and Sebring as well. The WTCC is visiting Infineon next year, so that may give some exposure, too.

      • M C

        An F1 fan who knows the history books =) In terms of top level racing shown on TV in Europe, it’s MotoGP @ Laguna & that’s about it.  The first time I had heard of Magione was with nKPro (as someone’s creating it from scratch), but the same can be said about Summit Point in iRacing, I had never heard of that also.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, both Summit and Magione are club level tracks. Their inclusion is part of the growing process, not a bad thing.

        How many european tracks do you think get TV exposure in the US? Monaco used to be on the popular channels, now you’re lucky to get a few 30 minute recaps from WTCC on Speed.

      • General Rush Hour

        And you probably have a hard time understanding that Europeans almost match the amount of Americans as far as subscription goes. 14.000 vs 12.000 so the BS argument about licensing costs hold no water. 

        99% of the countries in Europe speaks english. It´s the general language in Europe as far as business goes. 

        Cost and logistical issue? Oh so that´s why they went to Asia and scanned 4 tracks when the Asian market is a fart in space compared to the european market. 

        The thing is iRacing already knows we will stick around so there´s no rush for anything European. That is the main issue here.

      • Anonymous

        I agree that European tracks aren’t out of the question. However, I think the Japanese tracks were a good choice, by that point iR had Spa, Silverstone, Zandvoort, it would have been a shame not to get Suzuka. Besides, Zolder is the next track after Motegi. It isn’t like iRacing is focusing on the US either, there are more upcoming international road courses than upcoming ovals, and the only US road course coming soon is Long Beach, which has hosted F1. And don’t forget Oulton Park. Could even strech and mention the updated Daytona, which is second only to La Sarthe in terms of international sports car venues.

        I get that iRacing is short on Euro content, but I don’t think they can be faulted for not trying currently to make up that defecit. I think we can reasonably expect AC will have a similar skew towards European and Italian tracks. Just like iRacing has Summit Point, AC will have Magione.

      • General Rush Hour

         I think we can reasonably expect AC will have a similar skew towards European and Italian tracks.”

        I think we can expect that the amount of Americans will come nowhere near the amount of european drivers though.

        All i´m saying is there is no rush for the european. They have a billionaire funding the game so the licensing crap just get´s annoying. Not getting Porsche is something i understand as it´s physically impossible to aquire the license right now. 
        But BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, etc are no where to be seen. 

      • Anonymous

        I’m not implying AC would need a lot of American content, but Daytona, Sebring, and Road Atlanta are international sports car venues. If AC is missing them, it will be as bad as iRacing missing Monza or Catalunya, right? It will be interesting to see how the overall physics and online are in each, and how much people decide to switch between the two based on content and the driving experience. Will be stiff competition for sure.

        I don’t know what would be a rush for the Europeans, then. Last five tracks and the next 2, only Mid-Ohio which was released a year and a half ago is in the US, and every top level series races there. Four of those 7 are in Europe, including Spa which IMO is probably a bigger grab for iRacing. You know what happened when they got the rights? They dropped everything, scanned it ASAP, and made it the next track released. The only US road course upcoming is Long Beach, and not for a year easily. I doubt we will see another US RC for at least another 2 years after that.

        Not a dig at you in particular, but I always get the feeling European sim racers have a case of ‘never enough’ with iRacing. The McLaren is coming, but it isn’t a Ferrari or BMW. They have a modern F1 car, but it’s just a Williams. They have a Radical, but it isn’t a Lotus Seven. They have the Lotus 79 and soon the 49, but there are no european cars in iRacing. They have Spa, but not Monza. So what would be good enough?

      • General Rush Hour

        I could do without Daytona and Road Atlanta. Sure they are good tracks but imo not even close to the european tracks.
        Sebring i would love simply because of the bumps but apart from that there´s really nothing special about that place either. Track layout isn´t the most fun or impressive. 
        Last and first turn are nice though. 
        Yea and we probably won´t get Catalunya or Monza, 

        It´s all up to AC´s netcode. If it´s as good as iRacing then i think most would not care about ranking systems, awards or other crap they like to focus on from time to time. 
        Official racing is ok but most of the time it´s just as bad with idiots not knowing how to drive. 
        I stopped racing in official series because of that idiot Nim “race incident” Cross.

        Not true, i think we generally just have a higher standard of what cars. 
        Had iRacing been european we would have gone after the real european carmakers. 

        I don´t think anyone dislikes the Mclaren. Only heard good about that one. 
        I think people want more cars in the same class though, like the Ferrari GT3. 

        Williams in it´s spec (pre-season) was top 3 in terms of speed so if they hate on that it´s just ignorance on their part. 09 was a weird year to begin with for getting an F1 car. 

        Radical is nice, only problem was that you had to drift it to go quick, turns off most people instantly. Should change now though. 

        Lotus 79, same deal, extremely weird car to drive and i bet it doesn´t drive like that in real life. 
        NTM should change it for the better though.

        Lotus 49 – Because Kaemmer wanted it, nobody has screamed for it except maybe 1% of the subbers. So it shows they really don´t try to get cars we REALLY want but instead do something inbetween. 

        EVERYONE loves SPA as you clearly mentioned above. Nobody has said “oh i wanted Monza instead” It was more like “ok great now get Monza!”

        You are over reacting clearly Bakkster. Remember the VW JETTA? Who the F wanted that car? 
        They got it because they could, not because anyone really wanted it. 

        How many really wants the Cadillac? Probably 100% americans, 10% europeans. 
        I know they are doing a collaboration but what has Cadillac to offer in reality? Absolutely nothing.

      • Anonymous

        Daytona and Sebring host the 2nd and 3rd biggest international sports car races in the world, why aside from their location in the US or focus on open wheelers wouldn’t they be crown jewels? As for track layout, Monza is mostly long straights and chicanes, which I thought were universally acknowledged by sim racers as ‘boring’. It’s all about the history, and an AC without Sebring or Daytona (you know, the track Ferrari named a car after) is like an iRacing without Monza.

        Again, not directly about you, just a stereotype that has built up for me about European sim racers. Probably not fair since I’m sure its a minority, but it is a loud minority. There were definitely people complaining about the McLaren and Williams wanting ‘proper’ cars instead. And yes, people do complain that there are ‘no European tracks’, again the loud crazies give an impression, so every time I hear the moderate view it still makes me think you guys are all weird. Note how often you hear Americans saying ‘please don’t think we are all as crazy as this guy’ to counteract false stereotypes, but I have never heard a European sim racer disavow these 😉 I’m not being fully serious here, but it does seem a common thread.

        I intentionally left out the Jetta, of course it isn’t what you are looking for, the car only raced in the US. As for who wanted it, I’m sure Wyatt Gooden enjoyed the ability to launch his real world racing career through that car.

        With respect to the Lotus 49, I did a quick look and found at least 5 request threads for it specifically. Plus a lot of requests for vintage cars, h pattern cars, and treaded or bias ply tire cars, I don’t see why you would think it isn’t highly anticipated. At the very least, it is similar to a Skippy with high horsepower, and the Skippy is the most popular car beyond the Miata in the rookie series.

        We also don’t know what Cadillac has in store. You’re telling me AC, or any other developer for that matter, wouldn’t just all over a deal to get paid to build a car? Again, I see people complaining that manufacturers should pay to have their cars included instead of needing to pay for licenses, but suddenly it is bad when VW and GM do it?

        But again, I foresee the exact opposite thing happening with AC. Tons of European content, some Americans have never heard of and never will outside the game, and some of them will complain that America is being ignored. Such is the sim racing community. I think there is plenty of room on the market for sims focusing by region, especially given the number of quality race tracks around the world and licensors seemingly more willing to focus on local developers.

      • General Rush Hour

        Daytona and Sebring host the 2nd and 3rd biggest international sports car races in the world”

        Not really. Nurburgring and Le Mans is way bigger then both of them. Daytona is not even on the map as far as biggest international sports car races. More like national. 

        Again those who complain are ignorant people, i have never seen anyone complain about the Mclaren. 
        The Williams issue boils down to ignorance. 

        Ohh so nice Wyatt got the chance. I could care less about Wyatt. 

        Ok take those 5 threads, then compare them to request threads for BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and then come back. 
        In the big picture it´s not a car considered to be highly anticipated. It´s just not. 

        Yes i´m saying that. And now you are talking about stuff that had nothing to do with the conversation you and me have. It´s about Cadillac, not VW or GM.

        Again you are missing the whole point. 14.000 Americans vs 12.000 euros. 

        We have the right to demand MORE european stuff. AC won´t have anywhere near as many americans as they will have european drivers. Hell probably 90% of all american drivers are Oval fans anyways.. 

        and no, one game = iRacing should have tracks from all over the world. It´s called iRacing not iAmerica

      • Anonymous

        Well of course Le Mans is the biggest. Last I checked though, the triple crown of endurance racing was still Le Mans, Sebring, and Daytona. Never seen a list that was different from those three, whether we agree or not.

        Never said you shouldn’t ask for more European content, hell I agree we need more! What I don’t agree with is that iRacing is scheming to deprive you of European content. If any US tracks other than Long Beach come out before we have at least 4 more Euro tracks, I will raise just as big a stink as you. We don’t need more US tracks, and outside long beach we aren’t getting them. The only reason I would make an exception for Long Beach is so we get a street circuit.

      • General Rush Hour

        That is some weird skew from Media. In reality, the hardest race in the world, by far is  Nurburgring 24H. 
        Daytona is not even on the map. Which should be further accentuated by the lack of works teams internationally. 
        As a matter of fact, i don´t think a single team is works-based. 

        Not just euro tracks, we need the cars. Road racing is our culture, that´s what we do. 
        To see none of the top brands in the game is just silly. Instead we have B-versions like Radical or other indie-cars like very old F1 cars that nobody drives anyway. 

        Yea Long Beach i want no doubt. Physically it´s not possible now though. 

        But for sure it´s time to focus on Europe now, cars and tracks. Or atleast some F1-circuits. 

        Imagine Abu Dhabi, Hungary, Monza, Monaco, Australia, Fuji, Pau (insane city circuit) etc etc. 

        There are hundreds of incredible tracks outside the US borders but there´s a “meh” atmosphere in trying to get them.

      • Anonymous

        Apparently triple crown isn’t judged on difficulty, but prestige. Afaik, the ring race is a bunch of private teams in a mish mash of classes. I would be interested if you can find any references saying Daytona is a top 3 endurance race. I have never seen one, that’s why I disagree with you, show me a reason to agree.

        I know iRacing has been close to deals on other F1 tracks that have fallen through. Montreal and Interlagos, specifically. They’ve said F1 circuits are very difficult to license. I don’t think you could rightly say they aren’t trying, see Spa and Suzuka.

        They announced they plan for Long Beach to be out next year.

      • General Rush Hour

        ” I would be interested if you can find any references saying Daytona is a top 3 endurance race.”

        Umm i think that is your job. I never claimed it was. You did however. 

        Nurburgring 24H is by far the hardest race in the world so automatically it is the one with the most prestige. Le Mans and the rest lives on history while running only 2 teams in the top tier class. 
        There is no question about it that Nurburgring is the hardest and most prestigious race in the world. 
        It´s the tuffest one out there by far actually. 

        Montreal was never close to a deal, there was licensing issues with that track. Interlagos is nice but equipment stuck in customs.. 

        F1 tracks are as difficult to license as the amount you are willing to pay. 
        They have a billionaire funding the game so everything they say is silly. 

        Ok sounds great! 15fps here i come!

      • Anonymous

        Montreal got killed when they sent it for a signature as a formality, that’s as close as it gets to a deal, wouldn’t you say?

        Three citations for triple crown including Daytona. Can you find one with Nurburgring?

        Again, not disputing difficulty, just prestige. If the 24h race at the ring was so prestigious, why is there such a relatively low number of pros competing compared to Daytona?

      • General Rush Hour

        I don´t even know what that means. Sent it for a signature. 

        haha so it´s a dynamic crown depending on what site there is. LOL. 

        Nurburgring is the tuffest racetrack in the world, automatically it means it´s the most prestigious. 
        For a driver and team that is. 

        There´s not a low level of pros haha, there are quite a lot of them actually. 
        It´s just that when you have over 200 cars you will get some semi-pros at that. 

      • Anonymous

        Montreal had a finished deal, they sent the contract for one more unneeded signature as a formality, and that person killed the deal.

        It seems that since Daytona was no longer sanctioned by ACO/IMSA, that body has tried to redefine the title to ‘keep it in the family’. Again, it’s another US track, though, so I don’t buy the ‘Europeans don’t care about US tracks’ argument.

        In any case, not saying the Nurb 24 isn’t toughest, or that you can’t say it isn’t in the top 3. All I’m saying is the majority opinion does not place it in the top 3. It is your opinion, not common opinion.

      • General Rush Hour

        “Again, it’s another US track, though, so I don’t buy the ‘Europeans don’t care about US tracks argument.”

        I don´t think anyone has stated otherwise. I myself mentioned a few american tracks…

        That opinion is as old as the planet. It´s just there because of history, not present time.

      • General Rush Hour

        And another thing. Ferrari never gave their car the name “Daytona” 

        The Media did, to celebrate Ferrari´s 1-2-3 win at Daytona. The cars name is Ferrari 365 GTB/4

      • Anonymous

        Cool, I never knew that!

      • Anonymous

        Really, the only barriers are licensing and trying to time several scans from one trip. The scanning is still the cheap part, though. A few days in the field is nothing compared to the months back at the office.

        I wouldn’t worry about unknown tracks, plenty of well known European tracks. But it isn’t like unknown tracks are really a problem, either. See Zandvoort, for instance, the only reason it isn’t more popular is lack of pit stalls. If they build it, drivers will come.

    • M C

      Isn’t the pic’ pano2 of the car they used?  I believe higher quality scans cost more money (shocker I know), but that they don’t use all the data.  The FVA tracks scanned by Kunos were excellent, so I presume these are gonna be as good or better, as the FVA tracks got better as they went along.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, they’re doing a mobile scan. I believe the system used is accurate to about 1-2cm, which is still probably plenty sufficient.

      • General Rush Hour

        Probably LIDAR then like the F1 teams use. There are some truly amazing videos on the net with LIDAR scanners strapped on to a train. 

      • Anonymous

        I think the LIDAR F1 teams use is a step above most mobile LIDARs. The Williams team uses one with the IMU from a cruise missile, and it’s so advanced they need a waiver from the US government to take it out of the country. They get 4mm accuracy with that.

        But yeah, I don’t think they will have many troubles with tracks even at 2cm accuracy. Even if they miss a few ripples in the pavement, it’s still significantly better than any other method.

      • General Rush Hour


  • Alessio Whittaker-Campigotto

    Looks amazing.

    • Joco Gorenc

      Because its real photos LOL 😀

  • Luke Russell

    I’ve been a member of the iRacing service since 2010 but as soon as A.C is released I’m jumping ship faster than Cpt. Francesco Schettino.

  • Luke Russell

    I’ve been a member of the iRacing service since 2010 but as soon as A.C is released I’m jumping ship faster than Cpt. Francesco Schettino.

  • Anonymous

    Assetto Corsa is actually giving potential customers tracks and cars they want whereas iRacing gives whatever suits their agenda better (read Cadillac). I’ll definitely forget iRacing once this is out the same way they forgot what their customers wanted long ago.

    • Anonymous

      I dunno, I want World Challenge cars, and more than just the Caddy.

      So Magione is a track everyone has been dying for? Guess they should have skipped Spa and Suzuka so they could get it, I mean they host way bigger races at Magione than any of the last 4 iRacing tracks, right?

    • General Rush Hour

      Agreed 100% it´s BULLSHIT to be honest. 

      I say we boycott that crap machine called Cadillac until they give out cars that we really want. 

      • Anonymous

        People have wondered aloud for a while why manufacturers charge licensing fees to include cars, instead of begging to get them included for the publicity. Now GM does it and you want to complain about it? Can’t please all the people all the time, but don’t you think this is a good sign for the legitimacy of our hobby that GM would step forward like this?

        Better yet, why not be proactive and convince BMW to pay for one of their GT4 cars to get included? 😉

      • General Rush Hour

        No wonder they offered it for free. Because they realised noone in their right mind would ever pursue Cadillac to get their car in the game…. 

        It´s not a good sign, it´s a publicity stunt initiated by GM, in order to make money for GM through iRacing. 
        It has ZERO to do with letting us chaps have a go in a nice car. 

        BMW GT4 car? Where do i sign up? $100-300 put in as investment in a heartbeat.

        I take the M3 GT4 over any american car ever built.

      • Anonymous

        In your opinion it isn’t a nice car. It’s my favorite World Challenge car, and I’ve been asking for them to replace the hacked together GTC with proper WC cars for a while.

        So why is it a bad sign when GM does it, but good when BMW does? Was it bad when VW did it with the Jetta? I think the M3 is a boring car, why should they get a pass for buying their way in?

        Answer: Eurocentrism. A car is a car. They get performance balanced anyway.

      • Anonymous

        The problem is GM is paying iRacing to push their agenda on customers and iRacing will charge us for this content! It’s NOT free for gods sake! If this trend continues iRacing will get all sorts of rubish to the simulator and charge customers for that $hit! That means a complete change from a customer based product to how can we make more money program. So in few years time iRacing will dumb down the simulator (they are already doing that) and become another EA or Ubisoft while lying to customers promising them the most realistic possible simulator. Thank god we got Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2!!!

      • General Rush Hour

        BMW won´t hand out cars for free. They know people want their cars so there are money to be gained. And rightly so. 

        Cadillac knows NOBODY, well except you wanted this car in iRacing. 
        It´s a PR stunt and we the customers are be used for it. It´s really as simple as that. 

        M3 boring? I can tell you have never driven one in your life. 

      • Anonymous

        Right, and because they ask for more money than other manufacturers, it is less likely they will be included. It’s the way of business.

        But face it, you aren’t mad they paid for the car to get included, you’re mad it’s an American manufacturer.

      • General Rush Hour

        they should ask for more money, they build great cars 🙂 
        It´s the way of business as you say. Time to slap up the billionaires wallet and pay for some cars/tracks.

        No actually not. I like Chevrolet, i like the Riley Daytona, I semi-like the Ford GT (heard it ahd gotten better with the build). 

        But Cadillac is crap. 

      • Anonymous

        You like Chevy, but not the CTS-V? They are the same parent company, the CTS-V has more HP than the lowest trim level of Corvette, and lapped the Nurburgring under 8 minute. Crap? That’s faster than the M3 E92 and Z4 E85!

        Dismissing it is as silly as dismissing the M3 😉

      • General Rush Hour

        Doesn´t matter if they are the same parent company. It´s two completely different cars in terms of characteristics, If i wanted a CT-V style type of car i would have bought an M5. 
        It´s just a better car overall. 

        Faster on the ring btw, now that we talk about street cars all of a sudden. 


      • Anonymous

        Gotcha, the CTS-V is crap, and the M5 is 4s faster than crap at the Nurburgring.

        Sounds like a good ad slogan: “The new M5, faster than crap, but just barely”

      • General Rush Hour

        You have to look at the whole picture, not just a ring time.. 
        Overall, it´s in another league.

      • Anonymous

        Whatever. In your opinion a Cadillac is an old man’s car, where I’m from it’s asshats and stuffy businessmen who drive BMWs. Either way, as soon as you see one on the road, you know they’re going to cut you off without signaling. 😉

      • Theroro29

        Most of manufacters “sell” licenses for free like Renault (ISI pay 0 Euros for Megane Trophy, Formule Renault 3.5 …), Peugeot, Citroën.

        Ferrari and Porsche were first to sell virtual licenses and ask games companies to pay to include their cars in game.

  • Matt Orr

    The problem with iRacing and their cars isnt necessarily licenses, it’s the data. Does anyone in their right mind believe Audi or Peugeot would have given up all the required info on their P1 cars? I bet we wouldn’t even gotten the C6R over there had GT1 not dried up.

    And they do American cars and tracks because it’s easier. Interlagos comes to mind, as does Montreal. And I’d take several US tracks before what is now in Europe. A good portion of European tracks have been more or less wrecked for good / altered terribly / modern boring technical boredom.

    And did everyone forget the MP4/12C GT3 (Wow what a horrid name) or something? The Caddy fills a hole, as does the GT3. That is the important part.

    • General Rush Hour

      The Mclaren contradicts your first part of your comment. 

      • Matt Orr

        Not really, it’s a customer GT3 car. Most of the data will probably come from the team who owns the car they scan, not McLaren. As you go up the chain, those teams come closer and closer to the factory and less and less willing to hand out data, simple as that.

        They need a license as well as the data.

        Do I like the Caddy? Nope. Not at all, it’s ugly, I’d rather get one of the Vipers that used to run in WC much more. But oh well, it’s still  going to be fun. Who cares what the car looks like, you arent actually driving anything other than pixels.

        I’m looking forward to AC, but not because it’ll be more European centric. The cars dont matter, and most of the tracks in the US are superior as they haven’t been destroyed. Imagine Road America placed in Europe – derp, needs moar chicanes.

      • General Rush Hour

        Mclaren has to give the green light because it´s their car. It´s not the teams own car. 
        They don´t have a license they can sell, only Mclaren does.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, his point is they can buy the license from McLaren, and get the technical data from the customer team.

      • Anonymous

         A few Vipers still run WC.

        Also, iRacing seems to have a good relationship with McLaren, seeing as the built in telemetry system is McLaren ATLAS.

    • Only_Ron_Paul

      > “The problem with iRacing and their cars isnt necessarily licenses, it’s the data. Does anyone in their right mind believe Audi or Peugeot would have given up all the required info on their P1 cars?”

      How does this argument apply only to iRacing?

    • Anonymous

      “And I’d take several US tracks before what is now in Europe.”

      As an American, the only US track I think deserves to come before international tracks is Long Beach. CotA when it’s done, too, but that’s just a European Tilkedrome transplanted to Texas.

      I especially love the English tracks run by BTCC, had a great league race at Oulton this week, we do a top 10 invert on our second heat and I made a last lap pass to win by 0.02s, the track is just built to be awesome 🙂