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Assetto Corsa – Mclaren P1 Coming

The Mclaren P1 supercar will join Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa title.

A few days ago, Kunos Simulazioni confirmed that the studio is extending some of Assetto Corsa’s existing licenses to include new car models.

Now, Marco Massarutto has revealed the first result of this extension as the Mclaren MP4-12C in Assetto Corsa will be joined by the new Mclaren P1 road car.

The P1 is Mclaren’s newest brain child, a plug-in hybrid supercar, combining a 3.8 liter V8 with an electric engine for a combined power of 916hp.

The Mclaren will meet with another similar-designed hybrid supercar in Assetto Corsa, the La Ferrari which was announced around Christmas time.

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    Dear god, this vs the LaFerrari in the green hell I just…nnnggghhh!

    • Anonymous

      You just stickied your pants, didn’t you. I won’t judge you.

  • gt3rsr


    • F1Racer

      Just what I was going to say 🙂 So I will…. YES !!!

      I was hoping they would bring this car to AC. It just keeps getting better and better.

  • name user

    Besides setting an all time record for negative votes, I would like to honestly express my opinion that I would truly, really, honestly prefer to drive a Miata than this thing both in real life and in the virtual world.

    I don’t have a soulpatch, I don’t have a diamond dragon sewn into my leather pants, I have absolutely no desire for “the best” and “finest” things.

    This thing might be the greatest car ever made, and I can’t imagine anything more boring.

    Literal IRL Communist Sim Racing crew represent.

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      It’s ok, I actually sort of agree with that even though I do find this announcement exiting, that said, it does look like we’ll have a Miata in AC in one way or another in the future:

      • Traumahound

        I’d never say no to the inclusion of the P1 AND the Miata.

        Now, if you asked me I had to choose between these two..? THAT would be a tougher one. I have to admit, when I first saw that the P1 was coming, I was pretty excited. But would something like the Miata be more satisfying after a half hour or longer race? Probably.

        Good thing I don’t have to choose. : )

    • Damo

      I’m not sure I’d rather drive the real Miata instead of the real P1.. but I do understand your sentiment. More often than not it’s the less than perfect cars that give the better racing, though both ends of the spectrum offer fantastic driving sensations for different reasons.

      Ultimately, more content for AC is good news and I look forward to killing my virtual-self many times over in this bast*rd.

    • Wally Masterson

      I tend to agree. Where are the racing cars? This is turning into a “pretty shiny car” sim, I fear.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Where are the racing cars? Just a couple days ago they showed the GTR GT3…..

      • Mark

        I agree. It’s great that AC is getting all these shiny super cars, that aren’t available officially in other sims, but I think there is also a need for more racing cars and in particular slow racing cars that ordinary joes can drive and race safely.

        I have 100% of the content on iRacing but despite the wide choice I usually end up racing the slower cars because I just find them more fun to race and I can finish a race without crashing. Participation statistics suggest others agree.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        It seems to me the slower, entry level race cars should be easier for modders to make also…data should be more readily accessible

      • Anonymous

        Indeed they are, with all due respect to all the modders out there I believe it would have been better for us all if portion of F1 modding teams moved to entry level race cars because designing even 90% accurate F1 car without secret tech details and advanced physics knowledge is just not possible imo.
        Probably the most difficult areas to simulate on the very fastest cars ala GP2, F1, CART etc. are aero, tyre and suspension (pretty much everything lol), an average modder might be able to produce a car that sets realistic lap times and handles believable (=how we expect) most the time but in fact there are hundreds of small inaccuracies which are subtle but they are what makes the top racing cars so special so what we get from modders can be very unrealistic. Or not, who knows.
        Hell, actual F1 teams often have no idea how their competiors’ cars work so how can an average modder get it right?

        Not saying i don’t enjoy some F1 car in rf1 time to time for fun but I always take it with *huge* grain of salt. I think the best teams like F1SR can simulate F1 car with 60-70% accuracy, while some Joe who only knows how to rip 3d models and how to open notepad will probably reach 10% accuracy. But hey the car does 1:13 at monaco just like the real thing so it must be real right, that’s proof good enough for a lot of people (including me just 2 years ago) but it should not be if we take it into hardcore accuracy goal.

        After those years with rf1 I came to definitive conclusion that i like Historx mod magnitudes more than anything else. Because exact details about these cars are known (+Niels worked on it partially..) they mostly feel incredibly natural.

        I’m not saying I could do better F1 mod than anybody else, instead I’m saying it’s almost certain the F1 mods are all flawed and I can’t even say in WHAT way.

        Let’s not forget than in general, the faster the racecar, the more setup options there are and the more impact they have. Even if somebody managed to create 98% realistic Red Bull F1 at certain exact setup, it’s impossible to assure this car is just as realistic when you decrease downforce 20 points or use different tyres or whatever.

        Entry level racecars have very limited setup options so physics can be tested across all setups.

        On the other hand the main reason most of us are simracing is to pretend we are pros and faster cars are generally more fun and adrenaline.. so it’s harder to find motivation to model some slow car if it’s not gonna be popular anyway.

    • bill gates

      They can keep all the new cars and just work on AI or multiplayer

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        How much coding do you think Marco does? (He is the licensing manager for Kunos)
        These cars won’t even be officially announced until after V1.0 and work won’t start on them until later this year. Do you really think that Marco negotiating deals and working on contracts has anything to do with AI or Multiplayer?

        Stefano just tweeted: Further AI improvements in trailbraking -> Tatuus at Monza, default setup: 1:52:6

      • bill gates

        You play the game for you, I play for me. I don’t need a million cars, but I do need someone or other cars to run against to keep me interested.

    • Ioannis

      I prefer supercars to be released from the AC team as they are demanding and probably require further data . Fortunately AC is so moddable and ready to be loved by the modders community so cars like Miata and other affortables will get a decent (at least), in game representation.

    • GamerMuscle

      Given that sim-racing really does not embody the real activity of driving would you not rather want cars that are the most challenging and engaging to drive in the context of a simulator / game ?

      For the sake of game play realy all people need is one car from each class type , F1 , F2 ,F3 ,Radical , indurance , GT , GT2 , GT3 , generic BMW road car , Generic super car , Generic FWD , Generic AWD , Generic RWD , Shifter cart , cars like Xbow , areal atom , 1960s F1 , 1970s F1 , 1980s F1 , 1990 F1 + maybe Areal atom / specifc sports cars that have drastic different character.

      When it comes to generic road cars you are really ending up with for the most part the same car over and over with more changes often coming from picking a different tire compound or set-up than what is coming from the actual car.

      I’m not saying its not awesome to have loads of cars visualized in a game but you would have thought the most enjoyable thing is trying out cars that are truly different and offer a truly different experience from each-other.

      really I don’t quite understand the appeal of driving slow road cars in race simulators , I can understand having them in something like city car simulator or a game especially designed around car engine and component moding , just not a racing game.

      By the time AC comes out though it looks like it will have a good range of cars to satisfy many types of racer.

      I just loathe the fact that we will probably have 20+ populated servers all racing FWD road cars , simply because many people cannot be bothered to develop the basic skill or devote the effort required to drive a RWD car and know where brake points are on a given track for a given car.

    • StarFoxySxv550

      “honestly prefer to drive a Miata than this thing both in real life and in the virtual world”

      It’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it.. but in all honesty, I think you’re nuts. You don’t really need a desire for the best or finest things to appreciate the driving experience in a car like this IMO.

      I like cheap and cheerful cars too,I’m actually lusting after an ‘MG Metro 1300’ right now, partly because of nostalgia, partly because of back-to-basics fun, but there’s something inside me that says, A drive in a Mclaren P1 is automotive fun on another level, just short of a ride in a jet fighter,

      • name user

        Although a factory can make something that is exciting, I don’t think one can make something that is truly terrifying. I don’t think there has been anything factory made since the F40 that would frighten me.

        A frankenstein Toyota with a Honda engine on the other hand…

      • StarFoxySxv550

        That’s way beyond a stock Miata. .And a heart attack is only a corner away on those tyres 🙂 I think the will buzz always wear off after a short while of ownership no matter how crazy the car is, then you’re back at the start.

      • Realkman666

        It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

    • Anonymous

      I would get the p1, then sell it and buy a miyata. But seriously, i would much like to have some slower “bad” raw cars and some racers at this point. I guess there’s a point in hyping attractive licences though.

  • Austin Ogonoski

    I’ve tried uploading some Assetto Corsa videos to PornHub and they’re not being approved… Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    • Daan Loos

      Maybe they don’t allow solo scenes… try again after ai or mp is released

    • GamerMuscle

      You have to make sure you are uploading to the homoerotic section.

  • Chris Wright

    Actually I’m not at all surprised that licenses are being extended. The car modeling and DX11 graphics are both of a such a stellar standard that if you were a sports car manufacturer, wouldn’t you want yours included! Seriously, they ought to be queuing up for this.

    If you watched a stream of Nvidia’s very interesting CES address the other night – Google it – you’ll have seen the emphasis they are putting on real car graphic visualizaton. What they showed reminded me so much of static car modeling in AC. How awesome.

    • Freddie Seng

      With all this content coming I started dreaming that Kunos would manage to pull off the Porsche licence.. There I said it.
      This exclusive deal between them an EA has to end someday after all! So why not with Kunos. THAT would be a hell of a good news ! Not holding my breath tho

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it nice, these new “front cover” exotic cars are no longer under the exclusive realm of AAA franchises and their respective consoles, we can all cheer for this news!

    As for the car, I dunno much about the P1, it’ll probably be amazing, but honestly I’ll be more excited over the F1 (LM) and SLS (Black) also (E-Cell) because of the unique experience. 😛

  • Olivier Prenten

    Can’t wait for a duel P1 vs LA! 😉

  • Anonymous

    Now aliens got some native wheels to drive..

  • damys

    DLC or 1.0 with LaFerrari?

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      Pretty sure this will be in the dream pack DLC with Nords

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t matter IMHO… just Great News! All the DLC made available for this game will be “A MUST HAVE” for me!

  • Anonymous

    I must confess that i have a sweet spot for this one, it’s for me, the most inovative yet “classical” supercar in existance!…it’s mind blowing in performance and beauty..IMHO!
    Another dream coming true, whenever it comes…THANKS KUNOS…never letting down on fans…as it should be!

    PS-Imagine this one and another superb machine like La Ferrari profiting the master piece that is AC, and the hour of fun will be having racing, either a simple time trial, or AI’ing, uphilling Trento or laping with the gods in Nurburgring…just that will help endure all the bad moments i’ll be having meantime

  • Cristianfx
    • Hugo Stiglitz

      I can’t wait. Also I’m really excited to drive it in GT6.

  • Eric S


  • Ioannis

    Here it is.
    Will they implement race mode that changes the car so dramaticaly, (50mm lowering!) ? Will we have the option to run on electric mode only? watch and hear it on jay leno. simulating this car properly requires some serious data and effort.

    • name user

      Yeah that’s another aspect I’m curious about, simulating the weight, shape, power curves and amount of drive wheels isn’t enough.

      Can Kunos really replicate the electronics on these things, and the GTR? For example no sim that I know of has been able to do justice to the relatively simple diffs on the Evos. Since when is a small developer capable of doing all of this? Props to Kunos if they can handle it, but I have to say I’m skeptical.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        I’ve driven Evo’s at track days and believe me, GT5 and especially GT6 has done a wonderful job at simulating the feel of those cars, especially the electronics.

        I’ve never played a PC sim that was able to replicate that, but Gran Turismo does an amazing job at replicating the feel of road cars. I haven’t driven a GT-R, but you can tell from driving it in the game that there’s more to it than just a 1700kg FR with 500hp. That car stays glued to the road in a way that can only be explained by the cars electronics in GT5/6 so they must’ve done a good job on that car too.

      • Freddie Seng

        You also have to mention that Polyphony Digital was involved in the design of the GTR’s onboard computer system which shows how Nissan and PD are tied together. Therefore they maybe could have had access to data that no other videogame company could have

  • Silvio

    916 HP? Is that a truck, a train or a rocket?

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    It would be cool if the ferrari and P1 had similar performance so we could race them against eachother. Probably not close enough but it would still be cool to fly around the nordschliefe in these monsters.

  • Roger Wallentin

    That is really nice though I’d prefer to the the McLaren F1 road car over the P1. Hopefully and quite likely the F1 will be added as well later on.

    I really like that we get the most recent and amazing road and race cars in AC! Once we have the Nordschleife we will have the perfect benchmarking ground to see how good they really are.

    It will be really cool to compare the LaFerrari with the P1. The P1 will be much more drivable with its 4WD system allowing much more throttle out of corners than the Ferrari but most likely slightly lower top speed on the straights.

    Really hope Kunos spends some time and gets quality engine sound samples as the P1’s v8 sounds really awesome! (we can skip the all electric mode, thank you…)