Assetto Corsa – LaFerrari First Look

Back in December, Kunos Simulazioni announced that the LaFerrari would be coming to their Assetto Corsa title.

Now, we get to take a first glimpse at the hybrid-powered Ferrari model in Kunos’ headquarters. The car will be free addon content for Assetto Corsa, following the title’s 1.0 version release.

The LaFerrari is powered by a mighty 6.8 liter V12 engine putting out 789hp. On top of that, the car comes with a 163hp KERS unit for a total power of 963hp that helps the car to a top-end speed exceeding 350kph.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Pinnacle of car modeling.

  • Anonymous

    Indeed…if nothing else, just the delight of seeing the cars…but of course, there’s much more than that..fortunelly

  • Paul Thompson

    I’m really impressed with how AC is coming along now, and only a couple more days until the next update is out (17th Jan).

  • blastx

    looks great!

  • Marcus Reynolds

    Fiziks look all wonky to me

  • F1Racer

    This car will go nice alongside La McLaren, La Lotus and La BMW

  • Lachlan Salter

    well, not exaclty, the poly count is comparatively low compared with other sims like PCARS, or GT6

  • Roger Wallentin

    Looks really nice and complete already!

    I wonder how they do the modelling, do they have a 3D scan or go by photos and dimensions?

    Regardless the result is very good and accurate indeed! :)

  • Skytrill

    Do you have a source with the numbers? Pardon my ignorance. Very often
    the poly counts is messed up because some developers are counting a
    polygon with 4 sides while somes are counting the triangles, which
    double the numbers and look much more impressive on paper. Since a
    triangle is a polygon they should all be using this to avoid confusion.

  • hpereira

    What is the wheel that we can see in the second image? =D

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully with AI *fingerscrossed* :D

  • Marcos Sanz

    multiplayer would be better :)

  • damys

    can’t wait to hear the sound

  • Marcus Reynolds

    One we have La Track of all Tracks we are sorted then :D

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    Im guessing that most likely they got a CAD model from Ferrari to use as a reference, those are usually very accurate.

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    I would have to look for the actual posts but I remember seeing the AC developers comment that their cars were around 60k triangles, whereas PCARS are about 250k on the LODX level (mostly used for photomode and the menu, also if you set the car detail to very high) and also about 60k in-game. So they are about the same, only that AC is missing the LODX models. No idea as to what numbers GT6 is using but Im going to go ahead and guess they are also similar.

  • Skytrill

    Thanks for your answer. 60k seems fine if done properly then!

  • Paul Mackenzie

    Oooo they have the same monitor as me! Cars looking great too!

  • F1Racer

    Indeed :) Along with La AI and La Multiplayer :)

  • Chris Wright

    Yes most impressive. How are you finding RRE Paul? I must say I’m very pleasantly surprised at how engaging the hotlapping is, as every lap is competitive. Would be interested in your views sir.

  • Matt Orr

    A very interesting one… Fanatec pedals, looks like a standalone non G25 shifter and they’ve run Fanatec gear before…. on top of the newer CSW drivers making note of supporting a new rim we haven’t heard of….

    Okay, that could just me wanting (really badly) a lighter weight non manufacturer branded wheel… but we can hope!

  • fkkamil

    Three screws makes me wonder if it is momo wheel addon for G25/G27 base.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    I just experimented how many fanboys does it take to like this absurd comment based on these crappy photos and article. Sorry, it is hard not to be fanboy of AC.

    But the AC models are all fantastic. Hope they support physical damage/deformation in future.

  • Lachlan Salter

    wow nine dislikes? I didn’t think people here are that petty :/

  • Justin Schmidt

    it should be “claimed 789hp, claimed 163hp and claimed 963hp”. we talking about ferrari here.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t get it. are you suggesting ferrari lie about the claimed figures? if that’s the case so do all car manufacturers. But you’ve specifically picked out ferrari, so. i dont get it.

  • Anonymous

    no wonder the sounds in the game are so bad, if they are all using crappy small logitech pc speakers to test the game on………

  • Marcus Reynolds

    lol some people really need to find a sense of humour, you seriously think I thought the physics look wonky, from a Picture ? lol……..hahahaha, oh the irony.

  • GamingCanuck

    Those look like the Z506, they’re not super-duper nerdgasm inducing speakers but they’re also far from “crappy”.

  • Paul Thompson

    I agree kind sir, I’m really enjoying RRE and hot lapping at the moment. My only issue is that at the moment my G27 is in bits as I await some “upgrades” from America.
    Once these are here and I’ve fitted them, I will be back on the track putting in some laps :D

  • Adrian Herrera

    You honestly believe that professional game developers with contracts with Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus, Pagani, etc, etc don’t know the difference between desktop speakers and professional grade studio monitors?
    We are seeing one of the workstations used for 3d modelling, the sounds are most likely worked on the appropriate equipment in a different location by an audio engineer.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    polycount doesn’t mean jack. Forza 4 had cars with 500k poly’s so does GT6, yet their models look no where near as good as AC’s, pCars, and definitely not Driveclubs. Now, DC may have more poly’s, but if you’re right about AC only having 60K, that’s proof right there that car models should not be judged by poly count.

    There’s a number of factors. I saw a video on youtube of a virtual koenigsegg CCX that used only 200k poly’s and it was incredibly detailed because of the rendering techniques they used.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    They are pretty bad but I play racing simulators to simulate driving, and racing, not engine sounds

  • Kendra Jacobs

    Z506 are absolute turds so are z5500 z906. They use the absolute crappiest speakers throw in a huge sub that is loud as heck but but has muddiest, boomiest, undefined and worst sound quality ever in history and then people think it’s good just because they can blast the volume and shake the walls. The little sattellites sound like thin tin cans have no range and no depth to the sound. Basically it just sounds like a bigger louder version of your cellphones speaker but you can blast the volume and the sub shakes your wall so most think it sounds good.

  • Jimmy John

    You must be fun at parties.

  • Adrian Herrera


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