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Assetto Corsa – First Ever Nordschleife Previews

Kunos Simulazioni have released the first previews of their much anticipated Nürburing Nordschleife for Assetto Corsa.

Kunos Simulazioni have released the first previews of their much anticipated Nürburing Nordschleife for Assetto Corsa.

Alongside with the previews of the much anticipated track, Kunos has announced a partnership with RSR Nurburg, a supercar rental company that provides racing experiences on the Green Hell with high quality driver instructors.

Assetto Corsa will be the second gaming title to offer a laser-scanned Nordschleife, following Forza Motorsport 5 for the Xbox One.

The Nordschleife will be part of the “Dream DLC” pack that will be available for purchase once Assetto Corsa reaches version 1.0, aside from the Green Hell the pack will include ten of the community’s most wanted cars.

  • mfcfan

    Never thought this day would come for PC sim racing! Cant wait.

    • Kris Baxter

      Why not? its in every other PC sim.

      • Deatroy

        Laserscanned ? 🙂

      • Ma Ed

        yes it is. So people can finally stop trying to downplay it and act all l33t about it i swear in every thread about a track in a sim there is someone asking if its laser scan. Like its suddenly needed or insta failz

      • Adrian Herrera

        Nope. First time a laser scanned Nords is coming to a sim.

      • Kris Baxter

        ah yes, forgot that part.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        No it isn’t lol LFS doesn’t have it, iracing doesn’t have it. rfactor and netkar only have mods and they’re so inaccurate they don’t count.

      • melanieuk1

        Plus in other sims it’s just flat hand drawn with fake bumps

      • Kris Baxter

        I was more thinking all Gmotor2 games and of course pcars, forgot about $racing.

  • melanieuk1

    Here’s the full story on the RSR Nurburg partnership.

    Dear AC followers,

    We are pleased to introduce RSR Nurburg, new official partner of Assetto Corsa.

    Working at the Nurburgring for the last 15 years, RSR Nurburg features a
    team of instructors and drivers among the best in the world, together
    with two permanent workshops and offices, one at the Nurburgring and one
    at Spa Francorchamps, also base of the Official Driving Academy of the
    Circuit of Spa Francorchamps.

    This partnership will develop on different ways:
    Nurburgring Nordschleife
    – As you already know, Assetto Corsa development team is working hard
    to reproduce the legendary Nordschleife circuit. The use of laserscan
    technology allows precision measurements down to less than a centimetre,
    guaranteeing unprecedented results in terms of realism and fidelity in
    the dynamic behaviour of our simulated vehicles.

    An equally
    important aspect of driving on a race track is the extensive use of
    reference points used by experienced drivers to use 100% of the track:
    RSR Nurbug’s instructors have an extensive knowledge of the track layout
    and reference points and will co- operate with the development team to
    include all the visual and geographical reference points used by local
    drivers to assure the highest possible level of realism: thanks to this
    co-operation Assetto Corsa will be an invaluable tool to learn and
    master the most dangerous race track in the world

    Handling and
    Dynamic model – RSR Nurburg and Assetto Corsa share an exclusive garage:
    BMW M3 E30 and E92, Lotus Exige S, Elise, 2 Eleven, McLaren MP4-12C,
    together with Nissan GT-R, Toyota GT-86 and many other cars that will be
    included in Assetto Corsa’s garage. RSR Nurburg’s instructors
    knowledge, developed driving the same cars on the most comprehensive
    race track in the world is an invaluable know-how: the dynamic model and
    handling of the in-game cars will be further refined and developed by
    the feedback of the instructors thanks to a professional simulator
    installed at RSR Nurburg’s headquarters, chasing the perfect
    correspondence between reality and simulation.

    Tests, events
    and contests – Assetto Corsa’s development team has already been
    supported by RSR Nurburg’s team during the last trip to the Nurburgring
    Nordschleife, using cars from RSR fleet both for dynamic tests on track
    and for shooting. This kind of support will be extended to many more
    tracks like Vallelunga and Spa Francorchamps, where Assetto Corsa’s
    development team will be able to use RSR Nurburg’s cars for dynamic
    tests and surveys, with the ultimate goal to deliver the most realistic
    and perfected car simulation. RSR Nurburg and Kunos Simluazioni are
    working together to close the gap between simulated environment and
    real-life, with many initiatives to provide convenient services to all
    those who want to experience the thrill of driving on the track: stay
    tuned not to miss big news coming soon!

    • Matthew Arnold


    • Skytrill

      My favorite part is : “stay tuned not to miss big news coming soon!” (=

      • melanieuk1

        My favorite part is this bit :

        RSR Nurburg and Assetto Corsa share an exclusive garage: BMW M3 E30 and E92, Lotus Exige S, Elise, 2 Eleven, McLaren MP4-12C, together with Nissan GT-R, Toyota GT-86 and many other cars that will be included in Assetto Corsa’s garage.

        So expect the full RSR Nurburg garage, minus Porsche–prices/race-car-rentals

      • Sylvain Villet

        My favorite part is “Toyota GT-86” !! Can’t wait to drive my real life car on the Nürburgring 😀

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        I’m jealous

  • Hanzales

    I’m speechless and the details are almost unbelievable! Excited as hell cough… green hell. Official track and new cars will keep me busy for a long long time…

  • 0x00


  • hide

    Is this the mark of a dead body ? Or just a graffiti ?

    • kkacper

      Pretty sure it’s just graffiti, like so many others (different logos etc.) throughout the whole track 😀

    • Hurdy Hurdy

      I think Kunos have put that ‘dead body’ graphic in at Karrussell as a bit of a joke. There will be plenty of graffiti to map to the road though, as Green Hell is littered with it.

  • The Dark

    we know this is going to kick a**. the question is how far.
    warm up my F40 please.

    • erictheking87

      And prepare yours 90’s street tires! That will be a chalange wouldn’t it? And remember… brakes temp. is still locked at optimum 😉 it’s gonna be fun!

  • Silvio

    I dont care

    • melanieuk1

      Kunos already have my money, sure will be having more and more and more.

  • NordLover

    Laserscanned Green Hell in Asssetto Corsa… just what we need. For those, who don’t know yet, there are plenty of new mods for Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2 at

    • melanieuk1

      Nice that you created an account just to plug your payware mod site, no one is interested.

      • ftrracingtv

        If your mods not on the assetto corsa forums I couldn’t care less

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      Sorry, not sure which is worse, the sounds or the way the BMW M5 drives that you offer for free at your site…There is no way I would pay you for mods if that is showcasing your quality; and this is putting aside the facts that these models are ripped from Forza.

  • gilez

    Great, and the cool thing is that we already have Snoopy’s Nordschleife available, so we’ll be ready when the time comes :D. BTW, talking about looong tracks, the other day I downloaded the alpha release of Transfagarasan North, a massive hill climb ported from RFactor. Just awesome

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      What? They made a mod for that in AC? That’s cool

      I have the mod on rfactor.

  • GamingCanuck


  • faybn

    Holy shiiiaaaat.

  • ditec890

    But when it is due for release version 1.0?

    • Adrian Herrera

      As soon as it’s ready. Patience my friend.

  • Wilsch

    Hey im in no rush, been driving Snoopy’s Nordschleife for weeks!

    • Deatroy

      You are hyping this mod too much.
      Its not that good tho.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        I know. I don’t get why people love mods like that so much. It’s completely inaccurate.

        Even the Ring in GTR Evo was just completely wrong

        That being said, I don’t care if Targa Florio is accurate, I just want to drive it lol

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Snoopy’s nordschliefe is terribly inaccurate. I suppose if you don’t know any better or don’t have an alternative, it would be brilliant but it’s really way off the mark by a huge margain.

    • Guest

      I’ve tried Snoopy’s Nordschleife, and a big thumbs up for the time he has put in.
      As a

    • Sjoerd Huksloot

      I’ve tried Snoopy’s Ring, and want to praise him for the time he has put in it. But it is way off, and unplayable for me as a regular Nordschleife tourist.

  • Mauserrifle

    Man this and all the AC cars together… Can’t wait!!

  • Jason Madigan

    Just from these screenshots I am quite excited, I have driven every version of this track that has been released for every sim on pc since it all started and now we will finally get to drive on the real life Green Hell virtually … Amen, that is all 😀

  • gt3rsr

    Nice tarmac.

  • 2tyred

    Don’t think they are but if they made a pre-1970 version it would be really cool, as the circuit had a lot more character in that form.
    Would also be cool if they scanned what was left of and recreated Südschleife. They’ve certainly got the technology to do those justice if they research it 🙂

    • Robert Gödicke

      Most of the Südschleife is in a very bad condition, at some sections you can’t even drive a car on there anymore, it looks like a wild jungle there (well, as much as you can think of a jungle in Germany). There isn’t much to scan to be honest.

      • 2tyred

        Yes, but you would get the curvature of the turns correct, as well as the camber / height of the land.

        Of course you wouldn’t use the data “straight” but it would still give you a lot more information than without.

        It’s the same for the main circuit – that circuit has been widened, had profiles changes, lots and lots of bumps and crests removed and the character changed quite a bit.

        A scan gives you a really good base to work on and then after that it is down to research from footage / photos and documents from the time period.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    I hope they plan on making improvements to trackside details. The cars look so incredible, in my opinion the best car models ever other than Driveclub but the tracks are just no where near that level of fidelity.

  • Roy Rki

    With better DK2 support, this will become the best nordschleife driving experience.

  • Robert Gödicke

    By the way, is it known yet if Kunos will bring the Tourist, VLN and 24h layouts or just the Tourist layout alone? I mean, it would be such a huge missed opportunity to not connect it to their laser scanned GP track. It would be the most complete Nordschleife in a sim ever.

  • Mikael Andersson

    Assetto Corsa – The definition of “Attention To Detail”