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Assetto Corsa Competizione Hotfix 0.4.2 Available

Kunos Simulazioni has released the Assetto Corsa Competizione Hotfix 0.4.2.

The new hot-fix introduces plenty of small fixes as listed below, one week after the title’s last major release a week ago.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Hotfix 0.4.2 Changelog

– Fixed AI pit strategy when restarting the session
– Fixed transmission whine not audible in cockpit views
– Tweaked transmission whine for Lamborghini Huracàn GT3
– Improved reverberation for Nurburgring pit alarms
– Tweaked tire puncture sound
– Fixed some surfaces sounds not audible driving in reverse
– Added end race simulation for the car who are not able to cross the line during Post session time
– Fixed team strategy timing issues in next sessions
– Fixed final standing bug with lapped cars
– Fixed various softlock issues with rapidly going in and out of the options menus
– Fixed enter not working as default selector button in the for control assignment screen
– Fixed control assignment popup not being closeable with Esc
– Fixed softlock going in and out of the meteo, realism, assists screens
– Track selection is now persistent in all single player game modes
– Fixed camera when opening the replay twice in a row from the menu
– Fixed car state during replay
– Text keyboard input in VR (“Save” and “Rename” in Car Setup and Controller Setup, and “Server search by name” in the Multiplayer page)
– Fixed some possible multiplayer crashes
– Fixed a crash in VR when skipping Race 1 in a Race Weekend
– Fixed incorrect flashing light when opponent visibility is not set to ALL
– Fixed possible crash entering the game
– Fixed wrong start resolution/mode in some cases
– Fixed hotstint length not setting properly

Existing users can now update their ACC installation via Steam. The title is available on Steam for for 34,99€, next month’s release of Version 5.0 will also see a price increase so racers waiting to pull the trigger should not hold off much longer.

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