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Assetto Corsa Competizione – Early Access Update 4.0 Out Now!

Kunos Simulazioni has released the fourth Early Access version of their Assetto Corsa Competizione title.

Version 4.0 adds a major GT3 player to the grid of the official Blancpain GT Series title as the Ferrari F488 GT3 is joining the field of machinery with the newest update.

The new version also brings a major track addition as players can now race on the Hungaroring, home of the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix. Like all venues in Assetto Corsa Competizione, the track has been created using laser-scan data.

ACC is available on Steam for for 34,99€, next month’s release of Version 5.0 will also see a price increase so racers waiting to pull the trigger should not hold off much longer.


  •  New Ferrari 488 GT3
  • New Hungaroring circuit
  • Preview: Race weekends in Multiplayer
  • Added version 1 of the Broadcasting SDK (including test/example application)
  • Fixed look around in chase camera
  • Added Lock to Horizon option for Cockpit cameras (Alt+H to toggle, Shift+H and Ctrl+H to increment/decrement partial effect)
  • Added Confirm popup for NextSession, Restart, Pits and Quit button in the in-game menu
  • Mirror options are now split in two: “Quality” and “View distance”
  • Added Fuel indicator in car HUD
  • Added Laps information for Hotstint online leaderboards on “Special events” page
  • Corrected brake heat influence on core tyre temps
  • Adjustments in cars inertia
  • Adjustments in tyre model and tyre flex, should result in better kerb behavior
  • Added TC2 (TC initial cut) feature of F488. Physics, Controls, Setup
  • Fixed Tyres IMO (Inside Mid Outside) HUD visualization
  • Fixed Ferrari 488 AI stopping without fuel in long races
  • Fixed wrong car systems during replay
  • Added lap tag in the replay HUD
  • Fixed cumulative automatic highlights endtime
  • Instant replay support for Broadcast app
  • Fixed focused car when entering or leaving replay
  • Fixed wrong time session starts after a restart/next session
  • Fixed potential exterior camera issues for multiplayer
  • Fixed potential wrong near plane during the starting sequence
  • Fixed proximity indicator according to the focused car
  • Added new skins for featured cars
  • Car dash luminosity readjusted for new exposure values
  • New Total (TO) rating representing strength and completeness (visible in the Rating Profile)
  • New driver category (visible in the Rating Profile)
  • CarControl Rating adjustments: alien performance now will still have overdrive, but less significant
  • CarControl Rating adjustments: very good driving performance will show values of CC 95+
  • TR/CN/CC: Fixed false-positive detection of “way too hard” for bends and kinks
  • Hotstint now shows laps in the menu leaderboard
  • Hotstint gaps now correctly display lap gaps/time gap within the same lap
  • Added backend connection state gaps/time relevant menu pages
  • Added HUD page for broadcasting
  • Added HUD page with the current timetables
  • Holding TAB will temporarily show the timetables HUD page
  • Prevent Ambient sound to play during in-game menu
  • Improved camera fading when switching cameras

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