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Assetto Corsa Competizione – Console Version Developer Feedback

The console version of Assetto Corsa Competizione launched 48 hours ago and Kunos Simulazioni has now released a quick follow up response to the some of the most-discussed feedback topics in the community.

Alongside the FAQ you can find below, the studio has also revealed that the GT4 DLC pack for the Assetto Corsa Competizione console version is due to be launched this fall, introducing 10+ lower-level GT cars to the title to further bolster the extensive lineup.

You can find out Kunos responses to the some of the most-discussed issues below, make sure to also check out this pro racer’s review of the console version here.

Kunos Simulazioni Console Version Feedback FAQ

As mentioned in our recent FAQ guide, Xbox pre-orders (both digital and boxed versions)* get the Intercontinental GT Pack DLC for free. Codes for the DLC pack (for those who picked up the boxed version of ACC) are distributed via the retailer, not 505 Games. If your retailer offered you the Intercontinental GT Pack DLC at the point of pre-order, please reach out to them if you still haven’t received your code.

Definitely a hot topic. Our dev team are looking into this as a priority, with wheel manufacturers. We know there are issues that need ironing out and we’re investigating on our side. Rest assured, we see you and we hear you. No additional info right now as these things don’t get sorted instantly, but we will let you know when we have more details to share. We’re sorry some of you are experiencing issues and we want to thank those who have submitted reports full of useful info for our team. It helps a great deal!

We’ve seen a number of reports come through around performance issues and FPS drops, particularly with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X systems. Again, this is something our team are fully aware of and are looking into. 

A number of users reported issues with the livery editor and thankfully this was a quick fix for our team. In the very near future, ACC players can expect a hotfix that addresses this. This will launch firstly in EU, then in NA. Once we’re out of submission, we can then provide you with a launch date. Stay tuned!

Again, something we’re taking a deep dive into, as we’re very aware some of you had problems within multiplayer, especially on day 1. Rest assured, we’re not ignoring the problem. Behind the scenes, the team are looking server side into what might have caused these crashes. 

As mentioned earlier this week, private lobbies are coming to the console edition of ACC. No exact launch date to share just yet, but know that they’re coming. (And hopefully much sooner than you think!) As soon as we a launch date, we will communicate this. What we can tell you though is we’re looking to support 20 players in private lobbies. 

As frustrating as it is that we cannot provide concrete dates right now as to when the above will be fixed, (it’s just not possible at the time of writing) please know that we are doing all we can to ensure normal racing can resume as soon as possible, for those experiencing issues. The team are working absolutely flat out behind the scenes, rest assured.

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