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Assetto Corsa Competizione – Console Gameplay Footage

The launch of Assetto Corsa Competizion’s console version is now just seven days away and Kunos Simulazioni has finally shared some much anticipated technical details of the console port.

With the current generation of gaming consoles being 7 years on the market, the console version was bound to be a bit of a compromise and Kunos has arguably made the right decisions here, choosing to keep physics and sounds compromise-free while making cuts when it comes to the visuals.

These cuts entail a fixed 30 FPS limit on all platforms, with the Playstation 4 Standard and Pro being able to run at 1080p and the Pro version making use of some advantages such as increased draw distance. The Xbox versions on the other hand runs at 900p on the standard version.

Naturally, large car counts are a concern on console as well. On PC, ACC supports 40+ cars, on the consoles the grids will be capped out at 20 cars per race.

Personally, I feel like Kunos has set the right priorities here. With both console platforms already having graphical juggernauts in Gran Turismo & Forza Motorsport, competing with them in the eye-candy department is a losing battle for sim racing studios anyways. Not compromising in terms of physics carves out a nice niche for ACC though as it stands alone in being a die-hard sim alternative on consoles.

The only thing that leaves a bit of an aftertaste is the fact that Kunos waited until a week before the console version release before clarifying this pretty significant drawbacks of the console version, with past console version promotional trailers using gameplay footage from the PC version as well.

Pre-orders are now available, pre-order customers will receive the Intercontinental GT Pack DLC for free, including four additional tracks and 45 additional liveries.

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