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Assetto Corsa – Broadcast-Style Cameras Released

Ben Lee has released broadcast-style cameras for two tracks in Assetto Corsa.

Ben Lee has released broadcast-style cameras for two tracks in Assetto Corsa.

The cameras have been modeled to match the TV broadcasts from Monza and Imola, for those who prefer their replays to look just like TV coverage.

To install, simply copy & paste the included assettocorsa folder into the one in the Steam folder.

Download Assetto Corsa Monza Broadcast Cameras

Download Assetto Corsa Imola Broadcast Cameras

  • Rhys Gardiner

    Nice! I love new camera packs. Can’t wait to try these out…

  • o0THX11380o

    do these overwrite the original cameras?

    • pay2021

      Dont know, you can add just renaming them adding a “_” and a number, and editing the first lines, check the use in “content/tracks/xxtrack/cameraxx.ini” if dont recall wrong.

    • Shaddix

      imola version not 🙂

    • Pascal

      no, they add camera broadcast tv

  • Marcos Sanz

    i will try… however, there is a problem in AC TV cams (same as rfactor and PCARS I think), and it is that the cam is always focusing in the center of the car, making the car following excesively perfect. If you see real TV cams, the car is not always in the center of the screen, and there is some lag when the cam is moving trying to chase the car (for example, if the car is going to make a turn to the left, the car is sligthly on the right/top at the begining, then goes to the center, then to the left, and finally to the center, all because is a human who is following the car). iRacing does a really good job in this aspect, I hope AC will implement it

    • Szilárd Hompoth

      I think it’s not fair to expect developers to mimic human mistakes and imperfections. Perfect camera movement is just not good enough today.

      • zerez86

        Just an example from Race07 how to get a cam not focusing a car when it drives by:



        TrackingRate=(5) ——> needs to be 5 or 7


        So it is possible 😉

    • pay2021

      As rfactor you have an offset, but AC cams have a pretty nice “hand cam” not like the rigids ones from rfactor.

      • Felipe Portela

        rFactor has some “hand cam” effects. But they dont use it. You can check it on Mills, on the back straight, the cam shakes when a car pass fast.

    • Anonymous

      RBR did an almost nice job of mimicking a human-operated camera. Only, it took it a little too far with the artificial swaying that ended up giving me motion sickness. Just some random error introduced and a simple proportional control system would probably do the trick for shots that don’t last too long. As for framing multiple cars the way a real human operator would, I suspect that’s harder, but not impossible.

      Though it’s unlikely something anyone would ever spend the time developing, an AI ‘director’ that automatically controlled the camera selection and where to focus on the most important action would be a really cool thing (perhaps with a bit of human input). Even the best human-controlled broadcasts always end up looking pretty amateurish.


        It just needs a control panel for selecting a car and camera that is not visible on broadcast; instead of them being on a ‘cycle’.

        I say ‘just’ lightly btw.

      • Fabio Pittol

        A halfway solution would be a key to be pressed and held to “slow down” the camera movement so it kinda waits for the other cars to pass by. When the last car (you want) passes, you release the key, the camera finishes its movement and then changes to the next one.

  • Anonymous

    So, these look really good but are these just mock-ups? How does this modder have access to AI cars on track or the TV style time tracking?


      The shots with timing are real TV shots…..

      • Anonymous

        Oh, gotcha. I was looking at the shot in the sort of preview window that shows up when you click on the image. They were so tall I couldn’t tell.

  • pay2021

    Nice! I been touching those, make someones for the drag track to match the 2000 mts

  • Roger Wallentin

    Nice! I will install and give them a try, the sample angles look really good!

    It would be really cool to have a “Heli” replay view like we have in iRacing that follows the car at a moving slight random offset from above at an angle.