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Assetto Corsa at the Vallelunga 6hrs – Photos

Kunos Simulazioni and their Assetto Corsa title at the hard of the action at the Vallelunga 6hrs race event this weekend, showing off plenty of cool photos of their experience.

Kunos Simulazioni and their Assetto Corsa title at the hard of the action at the Vallelunga 6hrs race event this weekend, showing off plenty of cool photos of their experience.

Their offices within the circuit were visited by various team members of Roal Motorsport who came to give virtual version of their BMW Z4 GT3 a spin, giving the team members and drivers the chance to compare the virtual version of their car to the real thing.

The photos also feature some very well known sim racing faces as Jon Denton & DrivingItalia’s Nicola Trivilino were also on hand.

Assetto Corsa will be powered by a brand new DirectX 11 graphics engine and will come with advanced features such as blur & DOF. The title will offer extensive modding support as well as ten laser-scanned tracks and fully licensed cars as well as AI – A first for a Kunos title.

  • Ivan Schiöübel Notaroš

    Oh my god.. How can I apply for a job at Kunos?

    • GamerMuscle

      I’d assume by producing awesome work then tracking down the Kunos guys and show them how you would be an asset to there business and a nice guy/girl for them to work with.

      Or just produce awesome work and hope that they offer you a job , If not them then there are multiple companies to work for within the field of car simulation.

      I think that In the games industry as a whole its interesting to me that companies like Kunos , SIMBIN and SMS all look like fantastic places to work.

      I think it might be due to everyone having a focused interest, you probably get more continuity within the company , than for example when a developer is working on more abstract games where the content direction might be less defined or established.

      Mind you I’m sure they still have heated discussions and certain personalities but that’s just part of having passionate people all working on something they care about.

    • Anonymous

      Well, if all you can do is to play sims and do some modding here and there (like me), you sure aren’t interesting for a company like that which have a few employees. If you are one of the very best coders and/or modders, then you might have some chance. That’s how I see it, in other words it’s not easy to get a job in this area of software development IMO.

    • Ivan Schiöübel Notaroš

      First, thanks for replying.

      Second, actually what I said is more of a joke, cause Kunos gets to be in the real pits! So I was like.. How can I apply to get to the pits? xD Therefore the oh-my-god in the beginning

      Third, I AM a modder. However I don’t see myself, yet, as “producing awesome work”, although I am hoping to in the future. I have around 8 years of 3dsmax and PS experience, and I am working on 2 mods due to get published, I am currently in the “Targa Florio to rf2” team doing texture work. I worked shortly for the New Jersey Grand Prix org. making the track (the model was for presentation purposes but is currently on hold). Check “nothke” on google

      Fourth, what I really like about Kunos is their honesty that you can really see in how they reply to forums and in the interviews, even here inviting people to visit them =) amazing

  • Jaimy Mewe

    Physics look totally arcade!

  • Anonymous

    AC will definitely be the new benchmark in simulation racing. I just don’t see a real competitor out there for this title. Just wish they don’t mix user content with the original title and keep the laser scanned tracks coming and an online system iRacing’s alike. If they can do that they will own the hardcore sim market for ages.

    • Anonymous

      We already know there won’t be a built in iRacing-style online system. I expect a few 3rd parties will crop up to run managed servers with their own safety and skill rankings.

  • Marco Massarutto

    Hello everybody, I’m Marco Massarutto from Kunos Simulazioni. I’d like to thank
    VirtualR for the great coverage of news regarding Kunos Simulazioni and our
    upcoming title Assetto Corsa.

    I’d like though to point out a couple of details regarding this latest article.

    – I’m the Project&Licensing manager of Kunos Simulazioni and not connected with

    – Kunos Simulazioni offices are permanently placed inside Vallelunga circuit. We are not guests of Roal Motorsport team, but we are extremely glad to have their drivers and race engineers as visitors to our offices to test and practice their real car on simulator before the real race.

    – Yesterday we were also very happy to have as guests Jon Denton from ravsim and Nicola Trivilino from DrivingItalia

    Again, thank you VirtualR for the great coverage of news regarding Assetto Corsa, we’d love to have you as our guest in our offices too if you can visit us.

    Kunos Simulazioni will be at work today, exchanging data and feedback with Roal
    Motorsport engineers in order to recreate the BMW Z4 GT3 as close as possible to the real counterpart.

  • daz

    I guess its all down to the ability of the programmers to translate the raw data in to the PC sim. It’s not like AC will be the first company to use real world car data in their release. Its whether this can be implemented correctly.

    Many people criticise some of the cars in iRacing (physics,handling etc.) even though they are using real world data that has been provided. Will be interesting to see if AC can get it right.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    I’m already very impressed by the physics (drift with the BMW M3 external video), the car behave so realistically with a lot of dynamic inertia in the spring travel…. amazing to see such degree of realism in a sim video replay! Keep up the good work, Guys, it will be amazing! AND DON’T FORGET THE SOUND DEPT!!! (which is always a big let down in any sim)

    • Roger


      Sounds are critical to the sim racing experience!

  • Roger

    Its great to see that Kunoz are collaborating with the actual race teams and have the real drivers try the simulation and give feedback!! 🙂

    Really looking forward to trying out AC soon!! 🙂