ARC_Team Shows Off Two New Wheels

The guys over at ARC_Team have unveiled two impressive new wheels that are currently being used in their simulators.

The first is the XAP GP2, a wheel made for open-wheel racing as well as a Sparco P280 GT wheel.

While the first wheel has been equipped with custom electronics that make it too expensive to sell, the GT wheel will be available for purchase for sim racers looking to add sports car racing flavor to their sim racing experience.

More info on both wheels can be found on the ARC_Team website.

  • Paul Mullins

    Far out..  if they are saying it’s too expensive, it must be worth about the same as Italy’s national debt.

  • owen heaney

    That frst wheel (the F1-style one) is of the exact sort used in GP2 and GP3. A guy on a forum bought one to use as a wheel for a 2007 Honfa F1 chassis he bought.  Costs like £5k. Or more. He didn’t specify!

  • Giovanni Scala

    Yes you are right, it is the same used on GP2,GP3. F2000 and ALPS 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Great news !  Can’t wait to see how these come out

  • Theroro29

     Buy Fanatec clubsport wheel and forget these two wheels…

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