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ARC_Team Carbon Sequential Shifter Unveiled

ARC_Team has revealed their newest piece of high-tech simracing gear as the brand new Carbon Sequential Shifter is now available.

ARC_Team has revealed their newest piece of high-tech simracing gear as the brand new Carbon Sequential Shifter is now available.

The Carbon shifter is designed to provide the same mechanical feel and resistance that a real race car shifter would offer. It’s available for a special launch price of 140€ without USB controller or 180€ with controller respectively.

More info on the unit can be found by clicking here, you can also check it out in action below.

  • Anonymous

    not sure the price is right specially having’s DSD’s at 150 bucks. it’s not ass if having this lighter material shifter will make a different on my desk. anyway beautiful piece of hardware!

    • hubbabubba

      price is the same camparing shipping from the USA to europe so the price is RIGHT

  • Guy Moulton

    I’m not sure why I’d want to pay that much for a sequential shifter. I’m sure it’s nice and all… but it’s a sequential shifter.

  • John Krisfalusci

    aww… what about a nice H-gate shifter something better than the Thrustmaster RS shifter and with an E-brake ! ^_^ I’d buy it in a second.

  • ArcTeam Racing Simulators

    Thank’s to all for post.
    Version without usb board have a cost (exchange rate of right now) of 148 bucks and 188 bucks for usb version. Unfortunately exchange rate between Us $ and Euros change continuosly.
    Give a look to the technical sheet and maybe you can find an answer about why spent your money in this.

  • Helder Pimenta

    Talking about prices.

    On my opinion…These shifters might be expensive, but if you can afford it they are really worth it, for the immersion and the different style of driving they create (no two hands on the wheel all the time).

    I have a DSD Sequential Shifter, and it’s great… Real hardware stuff, its so stiff I had to buid a custom “arm” for my Obutto Ozone, but now that i have it properly fixed its really amazing, you can (and you will…) hit it really hard.

    Can’t compare the quality or the feeling, but comparing of prices in Europe..

    In Europe, the price of a DSD Sequential GT Knob (USB option only) its about the same as the (ARC Carbon Sequential USB), 180Eur (read below from my experience in Portugal).

    There is the option of EC Sim PRO SHIFT STEP 2 (USB), but is more expensive, with shipping (40Eur! WTF) and taxes it will sell for about 220Eur.

    If I was from US I would’t bother with ARC because they are not in the same price range, and you really can’t ask for more of a sequential (FFB?! gears not engaging..? I wish.. but that’s another story, as for the carbon stuff… humm… no tanks no need to save weight).

    Being in Europe i think you could consider them (DSD and ARC) in the same price range, but I don’t know the shipping price from ARC…

    To get a (DSD Sequential GT Knob) in Portugal with shipping and Tax included i’ve spent 180Eur.

    Advise (to Portugal at least…) apparently, the customs are being more careful, i had to pay taxes because it stopped at the customs approximately 37Eur. of VAT (IVA), could it be the economic crises..?

    Derek told me I was the first one with such a problem.. Guess i was really unlucky..

    Ps. I have the DSD shifter connected directly my Fanatec GT3RSv2 wheel no Extra USB port used… Its a very easy fix, you only need to have an PS2 Cable, I used the one from the Fanatec shifter.

    • ArcTeam Racing Simulators

      For portugal but also US and a lot of other countries, you have shipping expenses of 23€ using minibox tracking. Registering on our Official Store ( ) you can do a simulation of shipping costs.

  • david187

    absolutly no point in them i have one on my dfgt which will do exactly the same