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Alpine A410 for Need for Speed Shift – Released

Alpine A410 for Need for Speed Shift – Released

SETHAlpine has released the first ever addon car for Slightly Mad Studios’ Need for Speed Shift, bringing the French Alpine A410 concept car to the game.

The brand new car comes with unique physics and working upgrades & tuning kits to integrate well in to Need for Speed Shift.

Important: The car requires you to unpack Shift’s files and will replace the Chevrolet Cobalt from the original car lineup.

Download Alpine A410 for Need for Speed Shift Here

  • DW

    Wow! This is a big step forward for Shift modding. Very impressed its been done in only 4 months. I must get round to unpacking Shift and installing this.

  • eiwfihaaa

    can someone please tell me the artists name or song title featured in this video.
    coz its LOL

  • cosmo1973

    Nice try but when car gets hit it’s replaced by black pixals and the steering wheel in cockpit view is laughable when it moves, frame rates also took a massive hit.

  • SETHalpine

    without the development tools, it was a challenge to succeed to mod this game 😀
    The “read me” explain why certain things are impossible to do, did you read at least ..? 🙄 The answers is clearly: NO :sd: :haha:
    I don’t use 3DSmax to make my 3D:second challenge of integrating successfully a 3D starting from a software, more directed towards the true automotive creation, so this is why, it is more defined in polygon, it is written in ” read me ”
    I made this car for me, it’s free, and free to use if you want 😀 , you can try it but the easy critics, try to reserve them for the next film for which you have paid your place, not for the movie that you steal/take without pay on the web… :haha:

  • cosmo1973

    Sorry, wasn’t trying to knock the mod, it is a good effort and the car model is superb and yes i should have looked at the read me file properly, but keep up the good work and hope you release an update 😉

  • SETHalpine

    Oki 😉
    first step for the modding in Shift, the baby should grow up a bit, before walking perfectly :happy: