ALMS 2007 Mod – Prototype Screenshots

Since the 2007 American Le Mans Series Mod is in final beta testing, the whole GTR2 community is waiting for the mod to come out.

Below are three new screenshots by Merlin75 that show the mod’s LMP2 prototypes in action at Road Atlanta to keep you excited about the near release.

  • Anonymous

    The Porsche Spyder appears to be riding rather high, no ❓

  • Petros Mak

    Yeah it does seem to be rather high. The mod looks really cool though, I don’t often get time to play games, but this is one I’ll be trying on GTR2, its definitely one in my most wanted list. The group working on it is doing a very good job indeed.

  • Anonymous

    how fast to they go

  • Chris Turbert

    Looks great! Kinda funny to see the vdS Radical running up there with the leaders, lol. There is one thing I noticed however. The ride height of the Radical and RS Spyder seems too low beyond the front wheel arches.

  • Chris Turbert

    They are about equal with Indycars, and 3-5 seconds slower than the Panoz DP01 Champ Car on the track. Look at it this way, they are the fastest non open wheel racing cars on the planet. One more thing – Lowes Fernandez used a Lola chassis in the ALMS last year. 2008 is their first year with the Acura chassis.

  • simracerhead

    Great job on the acura, the spyders do seem to be riding very high thou, im sure it will be sorted before release……..keep up the good work 😎

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the reply chris

  • Matt

    The spyders ride height is already sorted, and has been. Correct Chris that Lowes Fernandez Races a Lola chassis in 2007, We do not have that chassis now though, but it is comming and will likely by an addon or update to the mod.

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