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ALMS 2007 Mod – Preview Video

ALMS 2007 Mod – Preview Video

Today is the day that many GTR2 users have been waiting for. COLVIN35 will be releasing the ALMS 2007 mod today, bringing us North Americas most popular sports car racing series.

To keep you entertained until the download becomes available, there is a little teaser video below to get you in the right ALMS mood.

If you want to enjoy a full field of ALMS cars, please make sure you have downloaded and installed all items on the ALMS 2007 download checklist.

  • jam


  • gavin

    LOVE IT!!

  • trebor901

    well its 9pm in UK and still no sign, dunno where the creator’s from.

  • Montoya

    COLVIN’s from the US so it’s ealier in the day there.

    His last status update was that the mod was getting zipped a few hours ago. It’s near 🙂