All New VirtualR Facebook Profile – Like Now!

VirtualR has an all-new presence on Facebook as you can now follow VirtualR’s news in your timeline.

Up until now, VirtualR’s Facebook presence was limited to a groups site, not taking full advantage of the features Facebook offers.

This changes now as the new full-fledged Facebook site is live now, please visit the link below and “Like” to follow VirtualR on Facebook!

Visit VirtualR on Facebook

  • Philip Samuelson

    “Like now!”

    Yes sir 🙂

  • devotid


    How can you not LOVE this place?

    I wake up every wonderful morning to VirtualR and a Mt Dew.


    • Anonymous

      Hmmm, a Rabbi in the Alps.    Mountain Jew ?

      • devotid

        my pops calls mt dew ……… Panther piss. lol

        i dont know if you making fun of me right now or laughing with me…… so im just going to give my dumb 1000 yard stare and smile a bunch.  lol


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