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Alfa 147 GT-R Trophy 1.0 – Released

Alfa 147 GT-R Trophy 1.0 – Released

Indiana has released his Alfa 147 GT-R Trophy semi-conversion from rFactor to GTR2.

The mod includes fourty Alfa 147 cup race cars that have been freshly painted by Indiana, Racingdevil, Dorfmeister & Landi.

Along with the mod, Indiana has released the matching template so everyone can create their own car. A renderscene to go along with the template will follow shortly.

Download Alfa 147 GT-R Trophy 1.0 Here

Download Alfa 147 GT-R Trophy Template Here

  • Indiana

    Attention, a little Mistake from me.
    Driver with low Wheeldetails settings, please rename the alfa147_2DW.CAS to alfa147_2DW.CA_ .. or delete it. 😳

  • Anonymous

    great mod!!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Indiana

    Stupid? Sounds are from Simbins Race07… GTR2 is also from Simbin. Whats the problem? 😈

  • Schoelle

    Hmm maybe you want to read GTR4u Board rule 10 b) 😉
    This is the same rule that was applied at the RSC site.

  • Indiana

    then 90% of all Mods are Illegal… 🙄 only a small group create really brandnew and self sounds. And i have not say thats my sounds… i wrote that is from Race07. Most of the other don not so that. And then RSC banned me, without my feedback. Idiots..

  • stabiz

    Indiana, are you new to the community? Not trying to flame, its just that these rules are old and well known at rfc and rsc.

  • Pugamall

    It crashes my GTR2 ? any ideas Y?,re installed it twic but no effect,I ahve a few mods that do that,in the menu it lists all the cars ect,I pic the one I want but it does’nt show loads track but crashes last moment,any ideas community as assumed they were bad mods,but if this is working for everyone else some ideas to help would be nice,thanks in advance

  • me

    who cares about the origin of some sounds. 😕


  • john boy

    Indiana, Many thanks for releaing the 147 gtrmod but i eagerly downloaded it but got no cars show.Isit me?

  • john boy

    Tried again but same result, same as Pugamall plesae help

  • Indiana

    john boy: Can you make a trace log and send me? start the game with “gtr2.exe -trace=90” and send me the trace.log from your userdata/logs to totzke(at) … then i can say more. thanks

  • Raikku

    Great mod for close racing. And stop complaining about sounds or anything else. No one cares about that.

  • Pugamall

    I did the please rename the alfa147_2DW.CAS to alfa147_2DW.CA_ .. or delete it.
    And it no longer Crashes,I gotta admit these are great fun to drive,but I seem to have lost all my settings ?
    I had to re set all my controls,which buttons do what ect,and I have gone back to th standard force feedback settings,whereas I had the modified settings before that gave much more adjustment,
    Also I now have no LCD display and cant get it to display ?
    I managed to get force feedback menu back by re downloading mod,but I dont know how to get my display back ?
    Any ideas anyone ?

  • Pugamall

    I have managed to get everything back but cant get the radio info,or spotter if its called that,anyone know if it can be re downloaded ?