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A1GP Simulator – Powered by rFactor Pro

A1GP Simulator – Powered by rFactor Pro

Back in November when we learned about rFactor Pro, many people could not get a full idea what this enriched version of rFactor aimed at teams and professionals was for. A high profile project using the software has recently made the headlines though – The official A1GP simulator.

Located in Modena, the simulator built by All In Sports uses rFactor Pro as confirmed in a recent article in Autosport magazine. The simulator was built to give A1 GP drivers valuable testing time with the new Ferrari-built A1GP car.

The simulator helps engineers get valuable data as all aspects of the real A1GP car are simulated, including a very complex tire model and full simulation of the Ferrari V8-engine as well as the Magneti-Marelli electronics system.

Along with the software simulations, drivers instantly feel at home in the simulator as it’s an exact replica of the real car, including the $10.000 steering wheel. The A1GP drivers have found the simulator very helpful with getting a grip on the new car as current A1GP champion Neel Jani explains:

I liked it a lot. You can learn all the electronics and all the buttons on the steering wheel, which is particularly good for rookie drivers who come from series without electronics on the steering wheel. It’s definitely a good thing to do before getting in the car for the first time. For all drivers it’s a must so you know where everything is before you get in the car without the risk of damaging anything!”

Even though the simulator is a very complex professional tool for professional drivers & engineers, it was built costing much less than other simulators like those used by big Formula One outfits – Savings that were helped by using a proven software-base!