A Personal Announcement

Ever since starting VirtualR, I put a big emphasis on the site being independent and neutral as I´ve always try to report on stuff the most balanced way possible without giving any title, mod or product any special treatment based on personal preference.

To continue with this open & transparent approach, I would like to let you all know that I´m working for Slightly Mad Studios as of today. I strongly want to point out that this will not interfere with the way I run VirtualR as I´ve always kept my day job a completely separate entity from the site and this will not change in the future.

VirtualR is set up to sustain itself thanks to my advertisers (please go check them out, they´re awesome for continuously supporting VirtualR!) and will stay independent from what I do for a living. Like I said above, almost nothing will change as I´ll still be covering the same titles and topics in the same neutral manner as before.

The only thing that I will change is that I won’t be doing any software reviews as long as I´m involved with SMS. I simply don’t feel comfortable on judging other software products while being in this position, I´m very happy to publish guest reviews though! I´ll be continuing to provide hardware reviews as usual of course.

In terms of VirtualR, there will be plenty of change coming up very soon as I´ve already shared a small preview of the new design on Twitter. The site will also be getting an all-new (and bug free!) comment system as well so there’s plenty of good stuff to come in the near future!

Rob aka Montoya


  • DeDios

    Congrats for your new work, i’m really happy for you :) you’re doing a wonderful job with this place, actually is for sure one of most important places for sim community. Thanks for all and..keep up the good work!

  • Mitos

    My congratulations & thank U very much for your excellent work! I will follow as always.

  • Mitos

    My congratulations & thank U very much for your excellent work! I will follow as always…

  • Hobbs77

    Congrats and good luck Rob!

    Here’s hoping this isn’t the beginning of the end for VirualR! 

  • rusty

    gone to the darkside hey lol

    i’ll still be here for the daily news  :)

  • drandiiski

    All I want to say is THANK YOU man! Thank you for the hard work you do for us, the comunity, and for turning my curiosity into my best hobby yet – simracing. I wish you all the best in your new work and life in genral. Cheers!

  • Artur Swat

    Thank you & good luck!

  • Tony Pony

    Congrats, always enjoyed and trusted your reviews, but will feel good knowing your input is being applied to SMS, have lots of hope for what they are working on. Also glad VirtualR will still be live and kicking.

  • joseki

    Awesome news and good luck with the great opportunity. Virtualr is and has been my favourite “blog” for years now and I hope it will only get better in the future.

  • spacekiller

    Congratulations! Good luck and enjoy your new job,

    Now there is chance SMSs new title may be finally spot-on ;)

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