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A Lap of Monaco in F1 2020

Codemasters have released a new gameplay video of their upcoming F1 2020 title, showing us a lap around Monaco.

The most famous street track in the world, Monaco’s the prime chance for any racing title to show off its graphical prowess with plenty of trackside details waiting to be replicated. How well has Codemasters done it this year? Judge for yourself below.

Coming to PCs and current-get gaming consoles on July 10, the release of F1 2020 will likely coincide with the start of the shortened real-life Formula One season.

Aside from including all cars, tracks & drivers from the upcoming Formula One season, F1 2020 will also bring 16 historical F1 cars going back to the early 90s, the Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition will include a further four historical cars from the German’s iconic career.

F1 2020 is available for pre-order here.