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A Glimpse Into the Future

A Glimpse Into the Future

If you´re wondering what the ever rising computing power will mean for the graphical aspect of driving simulations, the following might give you an idea.

Imaging company Proper Graphics has created a virtual version of the Koenigsegg CCX supercar, made of 192.449 triangles. Even though the car is much more detailed than the vehicles in Gran Turismo 5, it has been crafted according to Polyphony Digital’s polygon and texture specifications.

Today’s systems and gaming consoles aren’t powerful enough to handle more than one of these beauties yet. Once the time comes, we´ll be in for some serious eye-candy as the high resolution pictures and video show.

[youtube 5fIqRk6pYQ8 nolink]

Download Full HD (1920×1080) Version of the Video Here

Via GTPlanet

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