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1998 Nissan Primera BTCC for AC – New Previews

Patrik Marek has released new previews of his 1998 Nissan Primera BTCC for Assetto Corsa.

Patrik Marek has released new previews of his 1998 Nissan Primera BTCC for Assetto Corsa.

Two new renders show the latest progress Patrik has made on the iconic touring car model.

The Primera is one of the most iconic cars in British Touring Car Championship history, clinching the title in the hands of Laurent Aiello after the 1999 season.

  • Austin Ogonoski

    Did Nissan allow you to make their Primera?


    Illegal mod. Do not talk about it.


    Looks great, truly a classic car that deserves to come to AC. Not a big Touring Car guy but hopefully this’ll change my mind.

    • Traumahound

      What’s with the “illegal mod” jokes? Are you actually planning to do this for every mod that gets presented here?

      • blastx

        he’s probably trying to tell people this is just as ilegal as a conversion. At least when one is dumb enough to provide all sorts of info about himself/their group, so a car manufacturer rep can use it to take legal action against him. But when you do it anonymously, they can suck it.

      • Patrik Marek

        not really the same thing as Illegal conversion,
        by Illegal conversion you are not only using something that you don’t have right to use, but you are also using someone else’s work

        now to all these Illegal mod people, so how many manufacturers/brands did you guys contacted when you are creating a racing livery ? creating livery is same “gray area” as creating entire car, of course, with car you are only upsetting Nissan, whereas with race livery, you are upsetting way more brands

      • Austin Ogonoski


      • Traumahound

        You know what? Go ahead. This might be increasingly, irritatingly funny. Like Ricky Gervais.

        Or maybe not. We’ll see, right?

    • F1Racer

      This is starting to get tiresome already.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm Dennis Rodman gave you a like that tells the whole tale there! LOL

  • metzo

    great to see supertouring cars in games again.

  • damys

    well if modders want to support manufacturers they should give them something.. especially small manufacturers like pagani , koenigsegg , gemballa , marussia. more like a donation. but as someone said they don’t need to pay the license because the unofficial addons are free.

  • Rolands Svetins

    Clap, clap!

  • Hurdy Hurdy

    Maybe of Patrik calls it a Prissan Nimera it can be classed as a fictional car, based on the stylings of a Nissan Primera, lol, thus skirting around the ‘licensing’ issue (like SMS and their Audi, lol).

    All petty quibbles aside, I think the render is coming along great.

    • Alejandro Gorgal

      Well the thing is, the Audis in Project Cars are placeholders until they get the official license, if they don’t they’ll have to remodel or scrap those cars so it’s not as simple as changing the name 🙁

      • Rlee

        They won’t have to scrap it, but they will have to change some visual features to keep it. (not many)

  • Tom Coombs

    Hands up, who here has fond memories of this in Toca Touring Cars 2?