1937 Grand Prix for rFactor – Mercedes Previews

Team Vintage has released a bunch of new previews, showing the progress made on their 1937 Grand Prix mod for rFactor.

The new previews show off the Mercedes-Benz W125, including a first look at the silver arrow’s cockpit.

Made by Big Ben & Nige, the 1937 Grand Prix mod will include five iconic pre-war era racing cars, bringing back the times when engines were powerful, tires narrow and seat belts were unheard of. Car models include the Auto union type C, Mercedes-Benz W125, Alfa Romeo 12C 36, Maserati 8CM & the E.R.A type B.


  • Mitos

    Simply great. THX, we are looking forward to the time when it will be released.

  • vitor silva

    great work, nice details will love to drive this.!thxs for your work

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z4XMCOHKT66HKTQPW6DE6SRHYE Pork Hunt Racing

    nice work. this looks like fun

  • http://twitter.com/SuperRantam Rantam

    Very nice, well done! 🙂

  • Richard Hessels

    So looking forward to this release.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jcruze88 Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Looking good, really liked the 1955 car released by these guys as well so I’m sure this will drive very nicely as well.

  • Arie Beuker, de

    Nothing beats nostalgia, looking forward to this one!

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